Stop the Tape! The Phony Impeachment Inquiry

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Hello Folks this is what I've been saying all along.I have had first had KNOWLEDGE being Ex NYPD.So should MOST Americans just from watching TV, should also know "HEARSAY " is NOT allowed in court.Just because you heard something DOESN'T NECESSARILY it's TRUE.

  2. As an American I have a RIGHT to see the signatures of the criminals, that are being masked, in order to know who to campaign against and use during the 2020 election. They CANNOT be given ANONYMITY !!!

  3. The rules changed before this whistleblower came forward is he Nostradamus or something??
    Another point to muddy the waters and not address the main reason why Trump should be impeached he asked a foreign government to investigate a political rival and he's doing it over and over again it's illegal

  4. Remember Trump invited Taliban to Camp David a week before 9/11. Disgusting president needs to be impeached. Trump is going to hell for enabling murderers.Remember Trump invited Taliban to Camp David a week before 9/11. Disgusting president needs to be impeached. Trump is going to hell for enabling murderers.

  5. PIGLOSI and SCHIFF will pay for their lies. Their voters will find out that they cannot impeach anyone with their inquiry. Schiff will be kicked out for knowing about the whistlerblower a month ago.

  6. get real… if its a whistleblower the commies like… that hate America like… anything goes… but Julian Assange or others who are pro-American…. nope… neverending b.s. and attacks… disgusting liars and hypocrites

  7. Sure sounds like another subversive manipulation to falsely legitimize a story tellers fictional version of hearsay information for the deceitful purpose of shifting Biden's transgressions to Trump.

  8. Amazing to me is how Democrats stand at podiums with a straight face spewing lies.
    The struggle for power is intoxicating and will make them do whatever it takes.
    Go back in your holes it's not going to work.

  9. Democrats agenda =Removing a President, duly elected BY THE PEOPLE.

    Democrats employed by WE THE PEOPLE.

    Democrats accomplishments for the people =ZERO

    Apparently the democrats have completely forgotten who signs their paychecks.

  10. Look people…this is not an official impeachment investigation…they did not take a vote by the house… impeachment inquiry…they are doing nothing different than they have been doing…also…they will not ever vote on this…doing so would allow the senate to subpoena witnesses…so..not gonna happen…this is all about looks..not actions

  11. Not gonna happen where the people stand behind our president all 60+ million thatโ€™s a fucking army remember that iyou scumbag DEMON Crats AOC PELOSI ALL you dirt bags are going down