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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Breaking and entering {into our country} is illegal. Illegal immigration hurts every one. It even hurts the environment. Rewarding illegal behavior is wrong.
    The flaw in the sentiment on the beautiful statue that stands in the harbor of New York is that it assumes that our country will always be better off with more and more people. It assumes we will have enough resources for them. It assumes we will have enough fresh water, open space, wildlife, wildlands and everything that makes for a quality of life. It assumes we have enough now.
    More people make a wide variety of negative impacts on the environment and it doesn't matter from this perspective the nationality of those additional people. We are all consumers. We can and should try to consume less but we all need water, energy, food, jobs, open land and none are in a limitless supply….Adding more high level fossil fuel consumers is horrendous for our climate too.
    It would have been great if a more futuristic France would have added these words to their welcoming words, "until it is no longer sustainable to do so." The Statue of Liberty would then honor both the goals of social and environmental justice.
    Immigration is fine as long as it is LEGAL. We need talented, hardworking, taxpaying individuals in this country. I cannot understand why anyone {Democrat or Republican} would encourage, orchestrate and reward illegal behavior and at the same time have the best interests of American citizens….especially our working poor. Illegal immigration is simply wrong and it hurts everyone. Daily news casts scream at us showing how our very own citizens are hurting financially. Here in Milwaukee we have a growing “TENT CITY” under our interstate highways. We are barely able to care for our very own. The fiscal burden alone of illegal immigration to U.S. taxpayers is staggering and crippling with estimates of well over $170 BILLION dollars per year! Some estimates are closer to $300.00 BILLION each and every year. This should be disturbing to all Americans because it is self-destructive and unsustainable. The overwhelming data show that the cost of illegal immigration is not only dangerous but is crippling our nation. There is no net “gain” when illegal behavior is encouraged rewarded. Imagine what we might actually do with those hard earned tax dollars {education, housing, health care, and infrastructure} for our own citizens.
    Imagine if your home was broken into by a group of individuals who expect of you and your loved ones food, clothing, shelter, hospitalization, health care, education, transportation your expense! This “analogy” is painfully real. It is pure corruption that some illegal immigrants are given college tuition which, by the way, most hard working American citizens cannot afford.
    This quagmire we put ourselves {and the illegals} in must be quickly faced head on. We need strong, fair, by-partisan LEADERSHIP to turn the course of our “TITANIC”.
    Simply…we need to stop encouraging and rewarding illegal behavior! Sound too much like common sense? An end to blanket amnesties, the visa lottery, “chain migration” and the enactment of E-Verify are good starters to curbing the madness we created and could well be part of the reasonable solution to our self-inflicted “Daca” dilemma. “Dropping” babies and young children here for citizenship is immoral, corrupt and just plain wrong! The devious practice is very poor parenting at best. And now, the 3.5 million illegal aliens {and those shielded by DACA} if given blanket amnesty will cost taxpayers another $30 BILLION or more and will only exacerbate the problem by encouraging even more illegal entries. Raising a child now costs a working family over $250,000.00. “Dacas” got a free ride gratis our working poor!
    So what NEEDS to be done? A fair {to tax payers} path {NOT AMNESTY} for the DACA recipients should and must be predicated on by-partisan legislation that prohibits any further amnesties, enforces E-Verify, finally ends Chain Migration and eliminates the visa lottery. These things must be done to eliminate future madness.
    Paul A. Hanson
    Big Bend Wisconsin 53103

  2. maxi-pad TWATers is an evil, demonically possessed skinbag. i believe she has CERTAINLY shown her true colors- and they are as black as her skin, and her heart. her identity politics are disgusting and IMMORAL. and evil is ALL SHE HAS. i cannot believe she is still in power.

  3. Just let her & Ocario keep talking…helping a Trump re-election!
    All democrats need2 be gone this November!!!
    The same Americans that voted for Trump 2yrs ago are coming again, this Nov to 2020 & beyond. Get your tissues now leftists, gonna need a lot of them.

  4. president trump is changing all the rules and the american hating liberal socialist democratics are lost, completely helpless . before trump all dems used the clinton play book. find a weakness, set them up and destroy them and their family. use total lies or anything else especially the race card. the dems have tried every tactic against trump and they all failed. any other person would be destroyed by now but trump is still improving america. trump made giving the presidential finger to dems a fun thing to do. trump invented calling out lying so called new people on air. he calls them sleezy liars and gets a close up view of them shitting their pants or dress. every thing he does destroyes the clinton mafia rule book . the dems are scared to death of trump. none of proven blackmail works on trump. after the mid terms the dems will be completely castrated. even the dems are tired of their fear of trump and are looking for a party with balls. trump took the sleeziest political party in world history and spanked their bare asses for the world to see.

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  7. Foolish, ignorant, corrupt politician that speaks more of the people who vote for her again and again and again! Her corrupt mindset, her corrupt behavior involving her husbands bank, and actually encouraging "violence" against those who disagree is perfectly fine with her constituents. They don't care how corrupt crazy Maxine is! Just more free stuff is all that matters!