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Stop the Tape! The Wrong Approach to Border Security

Stop the Tape! The Wrong Approach to Border Security

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. NEWS FLASH We are already in a Civil War. Not person to person yet but everywhere else. Prepare as Central and S Americans are not going to stop coming, Marxists liberals are not going to become America First, and MSM will continue to agitate the Violence. It's up to us to stop them and now.
    @PresidentTrump please Veto this Garbage

  2. Democrats are anti-American c–ksucking pieces of s–t. If I had my way I'd declare Martial Law in every democrat controlled area of the USA, round up all the democrats and disappear them to CIA black-site prisons in the deepest part of the Carpathian Mountains in Romania, and other similar places in Eastern Europe.
    And for the big-mouths like Rahm Emanuel, Bill De Blasio and Gavin Newsom its off to GITMO so they can bunk with Pelosi, Schumer and Durbin. And for the dems three newest 'stars', the 2 muzzies and the socialist from NY, they'd just never be seen or heard from again — they'd be unfortunately 'lost at sea'.
    And all 20+ million illegals can sit back and watch, making it perfectly clear that if they don't self deport — they're next!

  3. amazing, let's GIVE them more beds to sleep in, so they can be well rested, and can concentrated while they continue sex trafficking, selling drugs and be a better rested gangster ….?

  4. whoever does the stop tape is so awesome he is cool I love the way he describes these idiots these brainless reptile looking creatures please keeps spreading spread your message sir you are funny you make me laugh at the same time I Cry LOL God bless you and family and be safe