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Stop the Tape! Turning our Republic into a Sanctuary

Stop the Tape! Turning our Republic into a Sanctuary

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. JOSEPH STALIN is quoted as stating "it does not matter who votes, it only matters who counts those votes." AMERICANS BEWARE – ELECTION DAY FRAUD AND CHEATING ARE EVERYWHERE !

  2. Why do blacks hate our country , they are feral and despicable yet here the live in the safest country in the world and it would be safer if morons like you would just go away to wakanda. Fuck the black caucus. And fuck you bitch.

  3. This idiot mascot has glasses but she'll never see that the demons are done with her lot! Theyz got new blood! Illegals! Over 20 million of 'em! No one really knows the number! But they're done with her folk. They now have a new toy to play with!

  4. about doing part of a was or some of your windows I had to do that after a hail storm it took 2 years to be able to afford all of them so what is wrong with doing what we have the funds for are they all brainless idiots or what.

  5. WHY is anyone complaining about a WALL ? Cost? California is spending and spent 40 billion on a high speed rail ! That Isn't even close to high speed, and It will never be complete due the over runs and the state was caught lying about the cost! Build the wall!

  6. Ladders,tunnels and visas ,the wall will do little to stop the flow,this is just red meat for the paranoid republicans who think brown people are the problem with this country.

  7. This stupid black woman needs to get her priorities straight. NO SANCTUARY CITIES. We need to take care of our American Homeless not illegals. Tired of these morons

  8. These people fearing gang violence in Honduras have trouble because they have been involved with the gangs. People going about their own business have little trouble. I spend a lot of time around San Pedro Sula. I stay away from drug and prostitution areas, and I have no problems. USA, you are getting the worst Honduras has to offer.

  9. GAWD, dont listen to that congressional dummy (she is my Congress critter so i know). She is a socialist, gloval liberal tied to criminals and unionists. No good for America and neither are her opinions and lies… and she lies a lot. Build the wall!!!

  10. Normal People- Fund the wall.
    Far Left- That'll only fund part of the wall, give that money to the migrants and let them in.
    Normal People- That would cost more than the wall.
    Far Left- You're a Nazi, you're racist!

  11. "IDENTITY politics merit IDENTITY TAXES"
    ~Blacks NEVER ASSIMILATED to America~
    FBI says black males 18-35= 3.81% total U.S. population yet commit 49+% of all murders. Google: FBI table 21a, to confirm.
    ~~~~~~~~PROVE ME WRONG~~~~~~~
    For every 1 black slave brought to America 2 White's ~died in the Civil War.~  Blacks owe White's a BLOOD DEBT plus INTEREST.
    With a equal share of military🇺🇲spending, White's contribute annual tax surpluses of over $553.52 billion or $2,795+ per capita.
    Dem's💩Socialists fight to spend Whitey's💰.
    ~Black's race💩bait 11k deficits per ea.~
      ~Mexican's race💩bait 8k deficits ea.~