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Sweden Under Assault: Waves of Middle Eastern Migrants Cause Surge in Crime

Unchecked immigration from Africa and the Middle East is a growing problem for all of Europe, but in Sweden the problem is even worse. One America’s Pearson Sharp explains how the most “tolerant country in the world” is struggling to stay ahead of a surge in violence from so-called “refugees.”

Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Why do U think honestly I got fired from. A job? I worked for rainbow foods before it closed as a cashier and you be SHOCKED at what I’d see, I’d see Muslims and refugees with ALOT of kids who smelt like they hadn’t bathed in awhile but the most EXPENSIVE TEETH WHITENING products and food and all with food stamps and day I had this family come thru n I could tell by there energy the man was a traditional asshole in there culture and when I tried to greet the female kindly to say thank you, the ugly fuck hit her…infront of me..I then stopped and started at him and I’m like “who the hell are you to hit a female?”
    I was told by him I wouldn’t make a good Muslim wife because I’m not a servant to a man
    I was being rude and in a mocking voice
    “Because I was brought up that NO MAN should lay a finger on a female”

  2. For those saying that people should rise up… It's too late, the ones that do stand up and make an effort are thrown into jail and fined heavily under hate crime laws for trying. Even put on open hate lists by the government that can be viewed by future employers. There are also organizations that find a person that is "making a stand", and publish all of their personal info and their families personal info as a way to silence them, (addresses/phone numbers/bank information/legal information) hence creating an extremely dangerous situation for those involved. Most Swedes with a brain have just been forced to move abroad, for the sake of their families and own well being. The government does EVERYTHING in their power to suppress their own citizens.

  3. I live in Sweden, i am Swedish and my family have lived here for 700+ years, before it was called Sweden.
    This election was a scam – the election website went dark, votes is proven tampered with and in some districts the left had 40% more than they actuality had, and Social democrats got 70-80% in EVERY area with a high muslim population and.. fuess what . they all got building permits for new Mosques.

    No corruption here….

    Now we are angry, so stay tuned while we Vikings awake!

    Be careful in the USA to, you guys have a new civil war on your doorstep,

    MAGA, MSGA frim Sweden!

  4. Perfect example of the depopulation Agenda triggered by the cabal. That cabal controls the US , most of European countries , as they pick and elect the politicians. The voting machines are rigged ; it is all under their control. Their plan is to watch the masses kill and destroy each other's societies as the cabal enjoys watching that degradation of mankind . Who is the cabal ? It is the Illuminati , these 13 families the US recklessly trusted to handle our federal reserve. They have and are turning the world into their playground as their depopulation agenda is to lower the world population by 90%. They are making sure the masses kill each other while they will " handle" the rest with poison in water, food and vaccines ( already going on, right now ) . That is our forthcoming end ! The Roman Empire had some grace ; we will not even have that.

  5. The liberal political leaders and media should be thrown into the NoGo Zones, and made to stay. These so called feminists are completely deceived as far as how Muslim men consider women.

  6. Google the Coudenhoven kalergi plan!!! Its all by design to destroy the cultures that make up Europe to create one European super state Coudenhoven Kalergi wrote a manifest to Let 60 million foreigners from Africa and the middle east into Europe to disolve the cultures that make up Europe to create one European super state and dissolving nations google and share this information also google (George Soros Immigration

  7. I am also from Swedish ancestory. These peop!e are peaceful, clean, hard working, ethical , loyal. I feel so badly for them. They love their country, it's history. They do not deserve this invasion.