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Synthetic opioid fentanyl poses major health, national security risks

Synthetic opioid fentanyl poses major health, national security risks

A recent drug bust at the U.S. border highlights the dangers fentanyl poses to the nation. One America’s Joseph Dupnik has more on the drug causing a surge of fatal overdoses.

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  1. Exposing our youth to these drugs and killing them , if that's not a state of emergency then what is ? Times have changed dramatically from just 30 years ago , with rampant crossing of our borders with both illegals and extremely dangerous drugs and in such high quantity should alarm anybody that is sane !

  2. Being a cancer fighter it’s hard for me to condemn it because it’s saved my life from lots of unneeded pain. I’m a firm believer that it needs to be controlled and people that are dealing it illegal should be prosecuted. But please know I’ve tried many other medications and unfortunately only the opioids have helped me to continue living a life without being in constant pain

  3. No one needs fentanyl. I am a retired RN, I worked in hospice. We seldom used fentanyl, as most of it comes in a patch. There are plenty of other drugs in slow release and fast acting. And doctors still write people prescriptions who don't really need them.

  4. Communist China is a totalitarian slave state. The idea that this poison is made in China because of "lack of control"
    is a total lie. This is a direct attack on the US. China is fighting an undeclared war on the US. China's aim is world
    domination and the first step is the destruction of the United States.

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  6. off topic but has any one noticed that comments are not loading on certain high traffic videos in particular any video pertaining to the Covington maga kids?

  7. Is that 250 pounds cut down street grade or pure? And if it's made in China and coming in through Mexico, shouldn't we be shutting down ALL traffic from Mexico till they take THEIR customs and border security seriously?

    * an interesting anomaly, it seems I'm getting a lot of channels showing up on my feed that post current conservative content that seems to be edited or missing things. After blocking these channels and unsubscribing they continue to show up in my feed and when I comment it seems my comments go unnoticed or are muted
    Has anyone else experienced this?
    Is this the new propaganda campaign to control information?
    Please advise…