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talkSPORT’s Mark Saggers and Tom Ross blast ‘moron’ Birmingham fan who assaulted Aston Villa star

Jack Grealish was punched by a Birmingham City supporter during Aston Villa’s Second City derby win on Sunday afternoon.

Grealish, the midfielder, was assaulted in the early stages at St Andrews, with a fan running onto the pitch and striking him around the back of the head.

Grealish was sent to the floor by the strike

Grealish was sent to the floor by the strike

The individual was escorted off the pitch and arrested, with West Midlands Police confirming he has been taken into custody.

Birmingham condemned the supporter’s actions and said they will personally apologise to Grealish for the incident.

Grealish, 23, has been praised for his composure in the wake of such a shocking incident, while the supporter has been widely criticised and there have been calls for him to face criminal charges.

These calls were echoed by talkSPORT’s Mark Saggers, who was hosting Sunday Exclusive, and Tom Ross, who was bringing updates of the Second City derby live from St Andrews.

The pair discussed in length the incident, and you can listen to the full rant above.

“The game is irrelevant,” Ross, a Birmingham supporter, began. “Everybody will be talking about that incident.

“And there were enough stewards to stop him.

“They got him off quick enough – but that’s too late! He shouldn’t have got onto the field of play.

“An idiot has got on… Birmingham are in enough trouble with the EFL as it is, and now they’ve got this on their shoulders.

“This is a serious, serious thing, and one idiot – one idiot out of 30,000 people – is all it takes to spoil a decent game of football.

“I won’t call him a fan – he’s an idiot!

“It’s been a good game spoiled by one idiot.

“There is no place in the game at any level for that to happen, and it’s brought embarrassment and shame to this club.

“I’m a supporter of Birmingham, and I’m embarrassed and ashamed.”

Saggs added: “This crossing the white line by the fan – there has to be a punishment every time which does involve criminal proceedings.

“It’s seemingly the only way to stop anything.

“We’ve seen it already this season, that if you get on to the pitch there has to be some sort of law enforced so that these people know its not just a case of being banned for life from a football club, it’s a case of answering charges.”

The supporter was led away by stewards after striking Grealish

The supporter was led away by stewards after striking Grealish

And the only acceptable punishment for the supporter is jail, according to Ross.

He continued: “I’d lock him up!

“It’s brought shame and embarrassment to this great club, and to the rest of the fans who want to watch a good game of football and don’t get involved in that sort of thing.

“An absolute moron. I bet his family are so ashamed of him – they should be!”


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