Oct.08 — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit to Beijing did very little to cool U.S.-China tensions. He met Foreign Minister Wang Yi who accused Washington of escalating the trade spat, interfering in Taiwan and also meddling in China’s internal affairs. Bloomberg’s Tom Mackenzie reports on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia.”

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  1. Why should Pompeo visit China in the first place?
    To give ultimatum that China must kowtow to US or else US navy will attack on Chinese islands ?
    Gunship diplomacy not always work, especially President Xi is not going to entertain visitor at junior level like Pompeo.
    US Secretary of State is nobody, simply just a Minister level dealing with foreign affair.
    Still expect red carpet?
    Still think President of PRC to grant him audience?
    He is coming to Beijing with a hat too big for his head………..

  2. Bloomberg BusinessWeek should make a public apology for the rumor.

    Apple, Amazon and other companies firmly denied that their servers had been implanted with malicious chips, directly refuting the Bloomberg BusinessWeek made a few days ago in China assembledultramicro server was tampered with.The US Department of Homeland Security and the UK cyber security center have both publicly expressed their support for the clarification made by apple and Amazon.

    Bloomberg BusinessWeek published a long investigation report on the 4 th, claiming that China has implanted intelligence chips into servers assembled in China by supermicro.The chips could be used as backdoors to continuously send messages to Chinas servers, claiming the operation was organized by the peoples Liberation Army.Once the report was issued, it caused a great uproar, with Apple and Amazons share price down more than 1 .

    Not only did the company accuse Bloomberg of being unfounded, apple and Amazon both said they had investigated carefully and found no evidence of Bloombergs alleged malice on their serversmeaning implanted chip.Apple believes that Bloomberg may have been wrong, in 2016 Apple labs found an infected driver on an ultramicro server,but the incident was identified as an accident, not an attack on Apple.

    Bloomberg Businessweek has not yet responded to this incident, and we believe that this has seriously damaged the image of Chinas national and IT industries, china should ask Bloomberg to make a public apology to eliminate the adverse impact.

    In the eyes of professionals, Bloombergs report simply does not stand up to scrutiny.Adding an intelligence chip to the original design of the server is different from a cyber attack that is hard to trace. Once caught, it is the louse on the monks head.With.The server is produced in batches, and the location of which is used is random, so it is necessary to install intelligence chips on a large scale, in order to ensure that several of them appear in the key position.China has no technical or political capacity to take such risks, given the potential for them to come to light.

    Both apple and Amazon are top US IT companies, and their monitoring systems can quickly detect abnormal outbound traffic on their servers.The categorical denials of the two companies, combined with official endorsements from us and UK agencies, are enough to prove that the Bloomberg story is a well-choreographed fabrication.

    However, even if the denial of the two major companies can play a great hedging role, the negative effects of Bloomberg reports can not be more completely eliminated.That is why a public apology from Bloomberg is necessary.

    At the same time, we want to point out that Bloomberg, a false report, was very strange, it is probably not the reporter sitting in the room science fiction out, it is likely to be manipulated and induced by ulterior motives. The atmosphere behind these forces and the atmosphere of American public opinion, which prompted the false report, are particularly worthy of disclosure and are spread to the table.

    For some time now, Chinas network penetration has almost become a collective conjecture in US society, and the United States is facing an unprecedented espionage threat from China.This argument has become politically correct in the United States because it is being interfered by China.This is probably Bloomberg reporters dare to violate professional ethics and professionalism concocted China implanted intelligence chip, The ideological roots of false reports.

    In addition, even the president and vice president of the United States have unjustifiably accused China of interfering in the mid-term elections in the United States, and Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen has said publicly that there is no evidence to prove it the country is doing this. Next, Bloomberg BusinessWeek accused China of planting intelligence chips in US web servers.Whats wrong with America?Such public disinformation comes from positions and institutions that enjoy high prestige in that country, is the distorted China policy distorting the entire American society?

    Bloomberg BusinessWeek should not only apologise, but explain how its mistake was made.We dont want the US media like Bloomberg to degenerate into an organization that is willing to be manipulated for the sake of profit and does not hesitate to create rumors.Then please make it clear.

  3. Hardly surprising is it ? Put things on a much smaller, family scale… Suppose YOU are playing dirty games and trying to hurt MY family and business – do you really expect to be welcomed in my home ?

    Unwise to expect it?

    Xi Xinping is a wise man – He sent his butler, as a courteous, to answer the door and greet Pompous Mike and to say that Xi Xinping has a country to run, millions of people to look after the interests of – so he is busy with more important matters than door to door brush salesmen !

    Three hours … I'd guess most of that was was spent on the ground waiting clearances to fly out again. If I were ATC I reckon it could have been made longer …

  4. trump is like a frog a the bottom of a well, his world vision is limited to the well he is in ….he has no world vision at all he is ignorant and unwilling to learn or take advice…..he believes he was blessed by gods to be a knowitall at birth…false he is so dumb, can't even compare him to any animals without disgracing theyr race or breed…..please give him a lifetime pass to go play golf and leave the world without his views, lies (thousands)… free us from him

  5. Talk to an ordinary citizen living in China. It's a horrible place for most. Libs who love it so much and side with it against the US ought to move there and find out what it's really like. Assholes.

  6. Stock market performance is not reflective of the health of the real economy. Tulip bulb demand does not reflect how well the fishing industry is doing or how well or bad family farming is fairing economically.

  7. Remember China is not our enemy. Of course, they are very confused right now as they have been told for decades by the Democrats and their Wall Street pirates that the criminal policies that the communist party had been following with trade with the United States were the correct policies.
    If the United States is serious about reciprocity in trade with China the United States is going to have to send a clear message. Arresting the Clinton Mafia and all those involved in the unmasking and spying on American citizens and the DNC's political opponents need to be put on trial.
    Do this; The Chinese will believe you. Don't and they will just ignore you.

  8. Let’s make it clear, China and USA are business partners but not friends. If there will be no more business, who the hell cares about USA? The world will only smile and bow to you for dollars. No dollars? No smiles.

  9. No a “frosty meeting” is when China forces Obama to come off the back of Air Force1.
    Very confusing video. The go on to say how bad China is doing? The worlds worse performer in October. The guy at the end makes zero sense. Sounds to me like what the U.S. is doing is working

  10. Sherry Ahn is a idiot. She laughs at the Chinese markets, Maybe she should run China, like that last female emperor they had CiXi. Ha Ha Ha!!! So if China drops the value of their money and the USA dollar is stronger, who will feel the effects of the tariffs? And was the last 260 billion tariffs not imposed? Sherry, dumb bitch do you have an answer???

  11. Foreign Minister Wang Yi accused Washington of escalating the trade spat, interfering in Taiwan and also meddling in China's internal affairs. Yep, the USA is doing all that and we are going to do it a lot more often and a lot harder going forward. Bend over China. Grab your ankles. This is not going to be pleasant for you.

    Diplomacy with China is so pointless we should not send anyone to talk to them with more rank than a water boy. Maybe send a janitor next time.

  12. ムホホホホホホ、争え。もっと争え。ゴミ国家同士で殺しあえ~、ムホホホホホホ。大日本帝国軍の怨念はまだ生きている。これが日本に核爆弾を落としたアメリカの罪だ。これが毛沢東を使って中国を共産主義化させたアメリカの罪だ。

  13. US why want to talk ?? Why warship turning away ?? I thought the most powerful country in the world should flex their muscle against the weak Chinese claimed by American.. US the bully strong but no balls ..China do not want war but they are not afraid to go any kind of war with US .. ..

  14. Why this administration hates China so much? for the trade deficits? But it refused China's offers to reduce the deficits by buying huge amounts of US goods, including LNG, crude oil and agriculture products. For fear of the rise of China? possibly.

  15. With so much China bashing, latest of which was made by Pence, one cannot expect embraces and kisses like what he received in Japan and S. Korea. China made its position clear during the meeting between Pompeo and Wang Yi. It will however not make any difference as the Big Man at WH has the last say.

  16. You guys from Bloomberg are so stupid to comment it on this way ! Who the heck is Pompeo to meet Xi. It’s a ministry of foreign affairs mostly how to meet a president ? To be lucky he will meet the Chinese PM and to kiss his legs ! It’s not diplomatic way to meet with a county president …he just meet his counterparts at his level. …..that’s the normal way ! First he should be receive at the airport by the Chinese foreign minister ( which he did not do it even …he send someone else ). If he was lucky probably he can meet the Chinese prime minister ( but it’s not as his level) then he should meet the chiense Vice President ( china has a guy the same as Pence for USA ). Then to meet the Chinese President Xi Jing ping Long way to go for M.Pompeo to arrive so up to meet the Chinese President . He is to small Hahahhahaha make me laugh how proud Americans feel with a such small guy as Pompeo…. the Korean presidents meet him Because was a request for setting up the new upcoming summit —-but last time Kim he go to see potato farm ! Hahhaha

  17. It's real blow for US,as Wang warned US for interfering in Taiwan and it's a shame for US.

    US soon will bomb China,get ready for hot war China!, Everything going as planned by US and all target set with B52 Bombers.

  18. China will continue to improve on its manufacturing products and find markets elsewhere. USA will continue to have its economic problems whether it trades with China or not or anybody. If USA threatens on China sovereignty, advisable for China to get ready its dongfang for self defense. To avoid problem with USA, it's better not to sell anything to them or have any relationship with them. If force people to fight, no choice but to fight back all the way.

  19. The USA will begin to move its supply chain little by little until China gets the message. And if they are not careful, they'll be replaced with another country and their economy will begin a long and downward trend.

  20. If you know ANYTHING about the Chinese is that they despise losing face no matter what the circumstance and this is exactly what is going to cause major major problems with them in the future with the U.S guaranteed.