This is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. Samsung’s latest and greates tablet offering, and also probably one of the last Android tablets worthy of a conversation in 2018.. except.. well, this is actually not your typical tablet, and I’m not just talking about the Android ecosystem. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and let’s dive in to our tabletfull review.


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The Best Android Tablet Left, Sort Of..


Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Hi Jaime, I've been using a Note Pro W/4G LTE for some years now, just waiting for Samsung to replace it with a tablet experience that uses the latest hardware, and is has greatly increased internal memory that is one of this tablet's hallmarks (256 gigs). I've no use for a keyboard, or the DEX mode, and have felt (till lately) that my 12.2 tablet is still running with the leaders at the head of the pack. I particularly love the way that the Note Pro has used Multiwindowing as it makes for a visually stunning and readable work environment for a researcher to work with. I've not been able to get my hands on the new Tab S4 yet to see how well it meets my needs, but am not really impressed by the fact that it only has a 10.5 screen display. I really need the 12.2" real estate that the Note Pro has. Well, I guess that I'm pretty well through ranting. To put it in terms that would compare to horses, my Samsung is an incredibly powerful workhorse, but is 4 years old. I really need a new horse,a cross between the finest racehorse (the Tab S4), and the greatest war horse (the Galaxy Note Pro).

  2. Reading pdf's, watching video, reading comics, retro gaming, browsing the Internet = bascially 90% of what I do with a tablet. My S4 is great for that! I wouldn't want an Ipad. It got the wrong screen ratio, is too walled off, and has no microSD slot.

  3. Everything is so perfect about this tablet. Amoled display, 6GB ram, S-pen, quad-speakers, massive battery aaaaaaand the mega deal breaker sd835.. fk you samsung for that

  4. I believe this can not be your primary device but definitely the best secondary device out there. the experience we can get on Window Laptop/Desktop we can not achieve that with any tablet and definitely never with a android tablet. I have a good spec laptop for my day to day business and personal work and I am fully happy with my laptop nothing to complain. As I move around a lot go visit different cities and clients, some times its hard to keep your laptop with you and carry the bag all the time and take out just before every meeting. I believe this is where Tab S4 come along with a great battery life easy to carry all the time and specially that Stylus is the best one out there.. I also have Note 8, to be honest its s pen is great for reminders, grocery lists, signature etc but the screen lacks the space for long meeting points and etc. I am sure the Dex will help my work done on the go specially with Microsoft Office you should know I am a businessman and the heaviest software I use are Microsoft Office/Chrome haha
    .. So I have ordered mine and will get hopefully some point next week.. by the way Great Review!!!

  5. Several months ago, I had a severe itch for a tablet and was looking for a capable android tablet since I love the android OS and file management system. Only if tab s4 had launched by that time. I bought an ipad Pro instead (my first apple device) and I absolutely love it. Since I have already spent a lot of bucks on ipad software by now, I don't think my next tablet will be an android one (may change if Samsung does something extraordinary next time). Oh by the way, I don't like the apple business model but I feel that ipad Pro is the best tablet in the market right now.

  6. As tablets go I never had a great need until I decided to switch to eBooks. In researching I landed on the Amazon line of tablets and purchasing the Fire HD8. Now you may ask, “Why?”. First off price, I got mine for $50 bucks! Even now you can get the latest version of this tablet for under $100. Second, the experience. Yes, there are much better feature rich tablets but, I didn’t need that. My number one is reading, which for me is a dream, even after 9 books read in 5 months. I use the email app and Silk browser with no issues. If your have Amazon Prime, it dives deep into the ecosystem. Music, Movies and Alexa. I can even turn this tablet into a Echo Show if I want to. Oh and Yes it runs Android with a Amazon twist that is quite functional.

  7. The hardware of the Samsung tablet is good, but I won't buy one because Samsung is known as being poor with updates. I bought Samsung tablet about four years ago, not a single update. I think it is still on KitKat.

  8. Nice review I tried it when I found out that the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 it's a better tablet and the Lenovo Yoga book it's a better laptop somebody needs to marry those two together and then we'll really have something thank you keep up the good work

  9. This, with a bit more modern specs and maybe an 12 inch tablet instead of the 10.5, would’ve had me throwing my money to it ten times over. Instead it’s kinda underwhelming and unimpressive. Tablet wise, apple is ages upon ages ahead of it’s competitors.

  10. Samsung puts last years processor, and prices themselves out of the market. They did the same with the tab s3. 99% of people are not going to choose an android tablet when they can get an ipad cheaper.
    I like that samsung is trying, but they need to be realistic.

  11. Dex is supposed to mimic a desktop environment so of course its not going to rotate the ui and the icons are going to be down scaled. Some of the complaints seem like you just didn't realize what the tablet was meant for. I will say that Samsung's inability to update the software consistently, frequently and in the long term will be the biggest problem with the tablet and dex as well.

  12. I have recently graduated med school and I'm preparing to enter residency… So i have to take a ton of notes,read and annotate many PDFs, watch a bunch of videos. I'm a big fan of android and i hate apple. Surface doesn't work for me because windows store doesn't have most of the apps i use. Since android tablets are dead,i reluctantly bought ipad2018 & boy i love it. if any OEM can manufacture an android tablet with hardware half as good as ipad and optimise the OS as good as apple, I'm more than happy to pay double the price of ipad…

  13. Isn't the Tab S4 wildly expensive? Are the keyboard and spen separate purchases? Big battery is one of my top three considerations when shopping for any device, but your "all day" experience probably doesn't line up with my usage, so an actual average life one could expect would have been nice to hear.