The EU are trying to ban my channel and censoring the internet by preventing the upload of potential copyright content. Write to your MEP here and join the campaign:

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  1. Actually I will miss the woman heading EU tech subjects (can't remember her name currently) she is knowledgeable and experienced. Our representatives in UK are clueless on regulation as utilities as opposed to…. anything to do with IPR and tech. Anyway complex, not so simple. Threat of any regulation makes platforms obey and 'getting out of EU' is not the solution on these issues / problems ….

  2. Hey I mean it is not just against the britisch people it has a huge impact also on the people in Europe and there are like already demonstrations firing up all over Europe. It is not to destroy your opinion on youtube

  3. Interesting video, but you really think we'd have workers rights without the EU? We have a government who constantly say how they want to strip them. A government who happily force disabled people onto the streets. We need a voice in the EU

  4. The EU is trying to ban my youtube channel, and you support your claim with a shitload of hypotheticals about a law that did not pass. Yea, EU parliament (the people we directly vote for), blocked it.
    And the people who propose it are elected aswell, by the people we elect. The fact that you talk so much about the EU and still dont know this (or purposly refuse to say it) means you should stop talking about this alltogether.
    This video is totaly over the top fear mongering.

  5. Article 11 and article 13 will break the internet as we know it. My guess is internet companies such as Wikipedia, eBay, Facebook, Youtube, etc, will not comply with European law and will simply choose to shut down access from EU states. That may sound unlikely, but in 2014 Google News was shut down in Spain over copyright rules and the recently implemented European Union’s digital privacy law, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), has resulted in many newspapers in the USA preventing access to their websites from EU countries, rather than comply with EU law. Once article 11 and 13 become law the sh*t will hit the fan. ISPs will have to spy on their customer's emails and uploads to ensure compliance and reject anything that might breach copyright. It won't take long before many customers give up this greatly restricted internet and the ISPs will go bust. Without access to millions of customers, online businesses will find things very difficult.

  6. I have always regarded copyright law as being deeply flawed and a potential vehicle for censorship. The fact is that it does not protect the vast majority of artists and writers and instead favours large corporations and government.

  7. All part of the EU's backdoor war to fight populism as opposition to the EU & Globalism rises they want to control what Europeans see on the net first it was GDPR data protection they called it but don't believe a word it limits access to websites thousands of global news sources suddenly got blocked. Now it's article 13 a tool for surveillance, suppression of thought, censorship and control.

  8. I sure hope the EU get ruined after this, this is hopefully gonna wake up a lot of people to the EU's greedy, self centered and retarded parliament (dont forget that they are remarkably immature for politicians)

  9. I understand why Students are PRO EU, 45 years of EU propaganda pumped into Britains education system with OUR own money and left wingers make up 80% of teachers in our education system hence young people voting Labour. It needs to change be more fair and balanced. Look at the youth of the EU though, umemployment is terrible.

  10. EU is going.. The European Union is a group of 28 countries , so all of them including UK have agreed something. Congratulations mate the Prime Minister is not doing so well like you. So I ask
    who 🧜? when?🧚 what? Don't worry uncle Donald Tusk is going to the prison in Poland shortly i guess… criminal procedure on the way….
    Have you been to the mental hospital or something? YouTube is in America you know that and they are making money out of your nonsense Chanel, so we have to watch that stupid commercials you are on the pay list of YouTube already mate. President Putin is always happy with your job, so you can start a new job as a Russian Troll…
    Yes you mean.. they will put you in the golden cage in Brussels, so kids can give you 🍌 bananas as a form of alternative non continental breakfast.

  11. It's mental how the EU want to make a law that states Google & Facebook have to make an algorithm (which is commercially sensitive and secret) to judge content. Giving power to tech companies. It's going to be fascism central. Even more so.

  12. This is a cynical move by dictators of the EU to remove anything which will show them for what they really are. Channels like yours provide a window into the devious maneuvering of the EU elite to subvert democracy and impose their own twisted view of what the world should look like. I heard Juncker talking the other day about the EU defending Liberal Democracy. The reality is that the Liberal left are entirely illiberal – they do do tolerate views which differ from their own. As far as democracy is concerned they have the utmost contempt for it. As one illiberal Liberal out it to me directly "Democracy is dead. We don't need democracy any more. Leave it to the educated elite to decide what best for for everybody else." Their view of us is that we must be stupid because we don't agree with them.

  13. When will we start to discuses the Sentencing Council proposed Public Order Offence Guidelines that will make posting on the internet any material that the government deems offensive a crime with a six year prison sentence. Who elected this Sentencing council anyway. So if you post and one person complains that their feelings were hurt, the person in the UK who posted the comment will get six year prison sentence. Fascist Germany and the UK are starting to look alike. You can already be arrested for hate speech, that is offending someones feeling through saying something they dislike. Hate facts, that is quoting facts that are published and factual but hurt someones feelings. One of the most stupid and totally Fascist rules in the UK. Now six years for posting something that hurts someones feelings. The truth is no longer the issue, just feelings. Next we will have work camps (concentration camps) to re educate those whose opinions don't agree those in the government. Free speech is gone from the UK. This government has lost all legitimacy and needs to be abolished. The UK is starting to look like One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest and Theresa May is looking like Nurse Cratchit. Labour is even worse with its SS black shirt goon squad Antifa