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The Garms Dealer – Teen SM Creps sells to Paul Pogba, Dele Alli & Kevin de Bruyne – BBC Sport

Sam Morgan (aka SM Creps) is 17 and living his best life.

The teenager explains how Instagram and Fortnite helped him become a personal shopper for some of football’s biggest names including Paul Pogba, Kevin de Bruyne and Dele Alli.

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  1. Like that kid in America who sells trainers to dj Khalid, Daddy funding it all for him. How else is a kid gna be able to have all that stock!!! Lucky lad, some people are just blessed. Saying that I wish him all the best.

  2. OR The footballers can just stay updated on the newest hype drops that they want, use a bot, and then get it delivered to their door without having to pay a ridiculous profit.

  3. Great business model, caters to the rich pay over odds for clothes that don’t even look good. Well done keep it up. Supply and demand.

    understand why becks is always dressed the best.