The Mainstream Media Stoops To A New Low

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  1. It sickens me, the left wants to ban guns which are mostly used for self defense, hunting and recreation, and once in a while some lunatic uses them in an public act of violence , yet defends abortion, a practice for which the only purpose is to end the most defenseless lives in our society, shows they are morally bankrupt and evil

  2. And the problem is all they're interested in is another Goldenchild they can they get paid a lot for those things so cut those babies out of their bellies ma. Sorry but that's too much you sick S O B

  3. Health reasons can be for anything that's the danger in law. When words aren't defined. Abortion never defined health, so if you have a paper cut you can get an abortion because of health related fears.

  4. Dreamers in a real world, following convictions that fantasize reality, calling a little child " nothing ", and then killing it. I will not follow this fantasy of premeditated execution. Goodbye, Abortion factories, you will have to pay for your own killing and we want out of the death march. TRUMP 2020

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  6. OAN is suing MSNBC and Comcast for saying they took money from Russians. I wish they were suing for a lot more money than $10M. They need to send a message that slander is no joking money, especially when it comes from a fake news agency.

  7. Stupid cunts, like Don lemon & Cuomo probably think abortion IS birth control. The governor of Virginia knew what he was saying…"I will tell you exactly what would happen"…then try to make it seem like he'd been misquoted.

  8. The left’s mentality: We want to help the poor, illegals as well at the expense of the average American but we should have the right to kill the innocent, the unborn, because that’s my choice and have the American tax payer pay for it.

    So sick of these demented ideas that kill people.

    Rise up and take your place in history, take the power away from these sick people and rule this nation with strength, honor, Grace and a Big Smile ( have fun doing it ).

  9. YOU DO EVERY TIME! EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU STOOP LOW! A funded anti left propoganda Channel. That's pretty pathetic that a sitting president funds such a Channel. What is this story supposed to do? Siriously? You're TRASH OF