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The Official Turin 2006 Winter Olympics Film – Part 2 | Olympic History

In the second part of the official Olympic film of the Turin 2006 Winter Games we follow the climax of the women’s figure skating competition as the final routines take place.

Following specifically the performances of Japan’s Shizuka Arakawa, Russia’s Irina Slutskaya and the USA’s Sacha Cohen we focus on the build up, routines and results of one of the great stories from the Turin 2006 Winter Olympic Games.

Part 3 coming soon.

This video contains older content and is therefore published in 4:3 aspect ratio to maintain video quality.

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  1. this is one of the worst ladies figure skating events in recent Olympics history, for the simple reason all three medalists under performed in free skate, for different reasons though. Arakawa won gold medal here with only 5 triple jumps, you read it right, only 5, even in 90s, girls had to throw 6 or 7 triples to medal, and here we are in 2006, the gold medalist only had 5 triples, it's unheard of! She skated clean but her program was so watered down, not even worth the mention, if you want to watch Arakawa, check her 2014 world championships to see how good she could be, she won that world title with 7 clean triples include 2 very difficult triple-triple combinations in the free skate. If that doesn't impress you, here is another interesting fact, during the warm up on that Olympics night, Arakawa threw a 3lz-3lp-3toe three triple combination, extremely rare and extremely difficult back then, even now you don't see many skaters can pull that off in warm up, but she did it with such ease. I remember we watched it live on tv, it's truly unbelievable to witness that 3 triple jumps, she did that just for fun in warm up also let people know how capable she can be. But once she got on the ice, she changed her program, didn't even attempt any triple triple combinations, she also doubled a planned triple jump, in the end, she only had 5 triples. She changed her program all because a few minutes earlier, she saw the short program leader Sasha Cohen faulted her free skate. Arakawa knew at that moment, she didn't need triple triple to win a medal, she was the 3rd in the short, now Cohen was down, all she needed was a clean skate to get on the podium. But there is a catch, Arakawa was not the last skater in the final group, not only just that, another heavy favorite Irina Slutskaya (sitting at 2nd place after short ) would skate later after her. So Arakawa's safe plan was to medal, but not to challenge Slutskaya who will skate later after her and can easily beat out a watered down 5 triple program. Lucky for her, a few minutes later Slutskaya had an awful skate too. Arakawa made a calculated move for a podium finish and in the end, she got a big surprise, an Olympic gold medal, exceeded her own plan.

  2. Sasha Cohen and Oksana Baiul are the most elegant female figure skaters in the history of the sport because of their flexibility. No one else even come closer.

  3. I won't say who my favorite skater is….Arakawa was beautiful….The thing is, I think Irina Slutskaya is so underated always. I cannot believe after 2 falls Cohen won silver Slutskaya should have won the silver

  4. Ugh, after the 1/2 way point of a Free Skate, the scoring does NOT double in value for every element executed. Only the jumps are given an additional bonus of 10% of the value of each jump. Who fact-checked this?

  5. I wonder if you will make a video like this someday about sochi that shows people what really happened and how the judges ruined that ladies competition giving the gold to sotnikova who didnt deserve it.

  6. They hade some wrong information here: After the halfway mark the bonus is not 2x for all elements, it is only 1.1x on just the jumps and sasha cohen lost points on the grade of execution plus the fall on the opening combination instead of just not completing it