The Prison Life Of Charles Manson – Helter Skelter
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Charles Miles Manson, often referred to as Helter Skelter. We know him as the man who was the leader of an American cult. This cult has approximately 100 followers and it was famously known as The Manson Family. Charles Manson has been in prison 46 years, and he was even given capital punishment. Once when Charles Manson was just 9 yrs old he lit his school on fire. Things are about to get really crazy so sit back and get ready for this. This is the prison life of Charles Manson.

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  1. Something bothers me about this dudes commentary. Some of his comments are stupid! "Maybe he should be in prison for the rest of his life", seriously dude? You don't say…

  2. he didn’t want out and that’s what people don’t understand.he was in juvenile hall when he was like nine. They let him out and went back in and he begged them not to release him because obviously he can’t live in society

  3. YaAaAs
    Me And My Mom Where Watching American Horror Story Yesterday (I'm Afraid Of Horror) And Then We Got On A Random Topic And Started Talking About Cults And Then We Talked About Him Because There Was A Cult In American Horror Story LMFAO

  4. I am sorry that 4% of the people on death row are innocent. My question is if they are then why are they still on death row? Also, I prefer the 96% have their sentences expedited!

  5. This video is replete with factual errors and stupid questions: why didn't he take a plea deal??? He was NEVER offered a plea deal – the country would have gone crazy. An innocent man in prison? Not even close! He became widely known in the 80s? NO – everyone knew who he was after the Tate/LaBianca murders. He wasn't "discovered" in the 80s. No one called him Helter Skelter. It was Manson's favorite album and he thought the race war he was going to start would be called Helter Skelter. They wrote Helter Skelter on the walls of the Tate residence the night of the murders. We'll never know what a free Manson would do? Yes we do. He said it (and you reported it). He'd do more and he'd do worse. At the beginning of the video you raise the question what he would have been like on outside. He never lasted. We don't need to PONDER it. He never lasted long outside and he said he'd do more/worse. And the connection to Dennis Wilson (it sounds like you have no real idea who Dennis Wilson was) and Terry Melcher (Doris Day's son) had to do with music and their rejection of Manson (Wilson/Melcher) set him off. Terry Melcher had lived in the house where the murders occurred so people speculated it was really him whom they were after. You never mentioned Sharon Tate and her unborn baby either. Terrible reporting job.