Enjoy the full length cut of our retrospective of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games in this in-depth documentary film.

Focusing on the Games Swimming, Cycling, Horse Riding, Baseball and Athletics events we speak to some of the icons and fans of the Games in this amazing look back at the first Games of the 21st century.

This video contains older content and is therefore published in 4:3 aspect ratio to maintain video quality.

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  1. i was living in Bronte at the time and had the bike races go down our street, the absolute best time of my life.
    I was enjoying it so much that I forgot to film it.
    how can I get a copy of the events?

  2. I am an Indian but i got goosebumps a Great nation of Australia and Its proud people eith The most sportiest people I ever seen long live the great nation of Australia with love from Calcutta West Bengal.

  3. I happened to put my laptop on autoplay and this is what I awoke to.I'm from the US and I was still amazed and nearly in tears.Amazing, simply amazing. I saw a video of an African that eyed a deer (can't recall the exact designation) and merely ran after it until the deer tired then speared it or however he took it down,just ran after it and outlasted the animal, kinda nutty,MINTY.

  4. This gave me chills! These games are one of my favourite childhood memories, I remember the torch being run through my home town just like in those clips. Watching it on TV all day in the school holidays and going to see some of the events. Proudest time to be an Aussie!

  5. Some sports like baseball or bmx shouldnt be at the Olympics. Respect for base ball dont get me wrong but it is played in one country seriously. Maybe three or five. How olympic is that?

  6. Knocking down parts of Sydney Olympic Stadium for the sake of making it congruent for Football players, is a recipe for corruption and this action if happens will be favourable to many unemployed peasants who supports Rugby/ Football more than Education, Scholarship grants, Healthcare, etc.