This Incredible Creature Can Regenerate Its Brain, Heart, And Limbs

*Editor’s note: Dr. James Godwin is now a research scientist at MDI Biological Laboratory.*

The story begins with the Aztec God of death and lightning, the Xolotl. As legends have it, he was a monstrous dog that guarded the sun god and ushered souls to the underworld every night. One day, as Gods began sacrificing each other for the newly created sun, Xolotl, a master transformer, managed to escape death by turning himself into a salamander. And that creature came to be known as the axolotl.

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Is it just me, or does anyone else really want to hold one of these little guys? I know I want to! They're super cute, and even though I know its not soft or cuddly, I just kinda want to hold it in my hand and stroke its back gently. Is that weird?

  2. Humans Can nuke the ENTIRE PLANET & end civilization 30 times around, yet they dont understand how a little creature can regenerate. NO, its not becuz its hard, its bcuz they prioritize evil.

    If only humans could focus a little MORE on beneficial things in life…

  3. I have an axolotl that was attached by a crayfish. His mouth had a hole on the bottom and his tail was all filled with holes. His gills were all gone too. But 4 weeks later he is back to normal. I have been feeding him feeder guppies for anyone wondering.