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This Is Not Art of the Deal, This Is Farce of the No Deal, Says Global Solutions’s Snower

This Is Not Art of the Deal, This Is Farce of the No Deal, Says Global Solutions’s Snower

Mar.01 — Dennis Snower, president of Global Solutions Initiative, discusses the summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and the U.S.-China trade negotiations. He speaks on “Bloomberg Markets: European Open.”

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  1. trump wants regime change in NK.
    toppling communist NK into western liberal democracy.
    allowing US army base in NK.
    another "juan puppet guaido" in NK.
    US wants NK to be the next collony, which use US dollar and would be US slaves forever.

  2. INEZ Qtaish has no fear so evildoers fearmonging does not scare inez Qtaish, when His army comes for inez Qtaish with the gold plated Quran Book , Inez Qtaish is going, Inez Qtaish says it was written in the Quran Book so it is west it is, God told inez Qtaish to say YOU and me, Inez Qtaish trust GOD with my life.

  3. Anyone representing Global Solutions likes the status quo. They were getting paid great dividends playing the role of the central planner regarding people and profits. This is exactly why Trump was elected. These global central planners/Corporatists were leaching on the US for their own gain.

  4. Whether it's art or farce, the summit was nothing more than a distraction to shift public attention away from damaging Cohen revelations. Come on let's be frank here, US never had any real intention of removing sanctions regardless of how sensible the offers on the table were, just like they will never leave their military base in Okinawa despite being voted out by the Japanese and countless angry protests. That's not how the US military industrial complex works.

    It has never been about freedom or a better tomorrow for the Korean people. If there's to be peace and stability in the Korean peninsular, it must serve America's interests first, not at the expense of it. The US would sooner engineer Moon's removal from office or fake excuses for intervention ala Iraq or Venezuela than allow Korea to move forward if its presence in the region is diminished in any way. USA is nothing but a dangerous hypocrite that portrays itself as a champion of freedom and democracy but wants nothing more than to be a dictator on the global stage.

  5. Trump is a fake and an Incompetent ! He is all CON am no artistry . We need intellect not an educational loser !
    So tired if being represented by a fake, loser moron ……THE only talent trump had us to LOSE!
    If government operated as the corporate world does, than no-talent, no educated , no WIN TRUMP WOULD. BE AND SHOULD BE FIRED……trump puts down brilliant men like Mr. Obama…..calls names like Pocahontas , imitates in a derogatory way a man in a wheel chair who had a far superior intellect that moronic trump,tries to extort or intimidate, hangs out with wealthy gangsters like Stone, Pecker, etc…..trump is a crooked loser ….why isn't that fake president removed from the presidency . Kim Jun Un called him a dotard and he was right.
    Trump has dragged this country to is uneducated, moronic level and we are all so much better than he.
    We laugh at his inane tweets but we are not laughing at his inept, stupid stupid handling of foreign heads of states …he is a laughingstock and has made us look as in uneducated as trump himself. He has INTRUDED into the WHITE HOUSE by criminal methods, he made people vote for him because they one thing on their agenda. He STOLE the presidency from a well educated experienced, brilliant woman by underhanded wiki leaks
    Trump can not hold a candle to Hillary, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Carter, because the were intelligent, EDUCATED, and truly believed and loved America! tRump is UNEDUCATED….NOTHINH SCARIER THAN AN UNEDUCATED,BOORISH, THINKS KNOWS he BUT DOESN'T have the innate intelligence most of are born with ,
    Trump was NOT born with intelligence just a pretender and a poor one at that.
    Why is he still allowed to use the presidency and powers to befoul the world ! Those who voted for him were bamboozel pec by a con artist. If he hadn't inherited money, he would be in prison for unlawful activities

  6. I do not care with Trump and Kim talked about he's not giving up the missiles Trump quit taking pictures and reside but I know you're not going to do that you going to the hard way