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This New Device Is Providing Americans With FREE TV. Say Goodbye To Expensive Cable Bills.

Mason Thibault | Contributor

Do you ever get your cable bill and think to yourself, didn’t I JUST pay this? Nothing kills the vibe more when all you want to do at the end of the day is sink into the couch and flip through channels. While you can “cut the cord” and your costs by using Netflix, Hulu, etc. what happens when you want to watch sports, or the local news? News flash, you can’t. So instead, you’ll be headed to the local bar to watch the game, or stuck to checking the news on your smartphone.


But, did you know that there’s a little-known law that requires cable companies to provide cable “over the air” with no charge for the channels. The catch? These signals are provided at such low frequency that they can’t be picked up with typical antennas.

If you could stop paying for cable or satellite TV and still get all of your favorite channels in HD for FREE, would you do it?

However, a newly released ‘super antenna’ called LiveWave has cracked this code. This brilliant new device has made it possible to cut the cord on cable once and for all. It’s tech is crazy: it basically transforms your home wiring into a giant tv antenna, and is able to pick up all the local channels that traditional antennas miss – in FULL HD!

It’s super-easy to use. If you can use a plug, you can use LiveWave.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Get LiveWave into your technology arsenal by clicking here.
  2. Plug LiveWave into any outlet.
  3. Press the power button.
  4. Choose the channel you want to watch.

It takes 9 seconds to start watching live TV … for FREE. And LiveWave is portable so you can move it to any location in your home.

Why pay hundreds for cable when you don’t have to? Get LiveWave Today 

Instantly you’ll get reception on all area channels. SHARP, CRISP HD STATIONS, and also SD stations depending on your location. No tools or technical knowledge needed. Just plug LIVEWAVE into any electrical outlet and it’s ready to go! Connect it with the provided cable to your TV set. It’s genius!

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