For months now a growing movement on social media is highlighting the thousands of people leaving the Democrat Party as leftist leaders continue to embrace more progressive ideologies. Its called the #WalkAway movement and it could spell good news for Republicans come November. Jack Posobiec sits down with their founder to learn more about the group.

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  1. I ran for office 3 times as a Democrat in the 90s, losing by a total of about 1000 votes, but I now vote for maybe 5% of Democrats. I am a Farmer-Labor Democrat but now you have to be an Abortoqueer Democrat. To be a Democrat now you have to believe in child murder, perversion, racism (affirmative action) and lawlessness (millions of criminal immigrants). What is astonishing is that everybody hasn't joined Walkaway.

  2. The tolerance of democrats is on display with the patent hostility for him. That is being compounded with democrats and scotus nominee. Think of the magnification if Ginsberg is replaced by a non democrat.

  3. I walked away a several years ago. I didnt realize how bias most media was until I was watching the Casey Anthony trial 24/7 . I had never watched news channels that much. After the trial I was use to having news channels on so I continued to watch. Thats when I started noticing lies and pieces of stories being left out…all the bias.Like when CNN left out part of Sherelle Smiths speech when she called for people to burn down the suburbs. I started researching and opening my world to more media outlets and what I found shocked me. I have to believe a lot of people are still blind like I was.

  4. This guy is right on.. I walked away after being a voting democrat that voted for the first time for John Kennedy. During Clinton's run for presidention I became so disgusted, that I walked away. I too didn't really imbrace the republican party, but senced the change you described. I wondered since then, was I the only one. It wasn't just Clinton, but democrats enthusiastic support for what I suspected was coming, forced me to walk away all by myself because my family and friends could not provide good reason for remaing demicrats. The disgust grew and grew, until Trump. I breath much easier now inspite of the resistance within the republican party. People like you give hope that intelligent voting may soon become more popular.

  5. I've seen it, many a time lately, now they have seen just what idiots the left is, they feel embarrassed and want nothing to do with them. its called seeing the light, or a momenty of claroty.

  6. The snakes leading the Democrat party have always lied and cannot run on their true platform; communism because they know nobody will vote for them. So they hide their true agenda. They even play mind games with the name of their party

    Watch the media call them them the Democratic Party, not the Democrat party. They have been playing that game for ever because it sounds better and is more pleasing and inviting to the ear.

  7. What he’s not saying—and I’m not accusing him of being deceitful— he just doesn’t know it, is that he’s always been a conservative and didn’t know it. I have seen if with many out here in California. They’ve always had conservative values, but were brainwashed to believe that conservatives are evil and only help evil big business and evil corporations. If all just crashed to the point where he could not deny it
    anymore for fear of being associated with those that are extreme and violent in the left. I applaud you for your fine decision, but I am saddened that the state of our nation had to come to such a calamity to make you come to this conclusion.


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  9. I know people that were liberals I thought they would never walk away but they now hate the party because it has become so violent and full of lies and insane by the news media and China that pays for it to destroy the usa

  10. Democratic Party is really a Gang of bandits in suits . Becoming Very dangerous to All.. their crazy bold brazen projection are INSANE now they are so CLEARLY predictable Blaming their victims for DNC own wrong doings.

  11. After the socialist Communist Obamanation plan I can see I have to leave the democrat party solely for the reason that the party went socialist they even backed the communist party Antifia a violent group that stops free speech that was the last straw. The fact is, the party has been over.