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Tonight's Tipping Points: Reparations, Climate Change, & Welfare!

Tonight's Tipping Points: Reparations, Climate Change, & Welfare!

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. To Liz Wheeler; I am for the 2nd Amendment. The governor's of each state, mostly the Demoncratic governor's, want the same power as the POTUS. They are passing bills that are attempting to rewrite the 2nd Amendment in their new, Socialist, state.
    Soon this country will have to change its name from the United States of America to the States of America. I guess like Russia and those other countries that Russia controls but operate as independent countries.
    Several of the Governor's of our "United "States are setting up laws to remove or severely restrict the 2nd Amendment. Good for 4 years only or until THAT governor can be removed from office? No. These new laws are laws just for THAT state and the difficulty of having them repealed. With the law in place Honest Americans will turn in their Defensive WEAPONS. Law repealed but ALL the guns were Destroyed. Options: Buy MORE Defensive weapons or get use to living as a sheep surrounded by wolves. Or quietly, tell the government to F. Off, stash your Defensive Weapons and become a criminal .
    What's your take on this?

  2. I consider decades of affirmative action to be proper reparations, and it's long past time that it should have stopped. Also, it's likely affirmative action would have been found unnecessary before now had it not been for the left wing Democrats creating government dependency, with their welfare programs.

  3. Blacks should be paying reparations to whites for all that whites have done for them. The white race has completely sustained the black race for 500 years. Taught them everything they know and given them everything they have.

  4. I love this idea.  You would be surprised how many people really want to work, but honestly it seems like they are pushed down in a chair and told to shut up and eat..

  5. no black American alive now in America is a slave (unless in Africa) and the people who will pay the bill are not slave owners…Correct me if im wrong but wasnt slavery doe with 150+ years ago…by white people?

  6. I asked the president for reparations for 50 years of affirmative action. Blatant racism. Where people are hired for their skin color or gender and not their quality or the content of their character. All sanctioned by our filthy government.

  7. It won't matter. It won't matter. Whatever money is handed out to anyone for anything, there will only be another complaint about something else.
    If reparations are granted to black people, the ones who have received welfare checks through the years need to have liens thrown against those hand-outs.

  8. AMERICA should be receiving reparations from this particular race because of the violence and turmoil for which they are responsible all of these years. Why this terrible behavior is tolerated is beyond my understanding. If they dislike America so very much, then they are all free to travel elsewhere.

  9. There are no African Americans. That's the loop hole they will use. When the "African Americans" go and file the government will say, you have to prove African status VIA the individual. The politicians will play you! There is always a catch. If a politicans mouth is open they are lying.

  10. Blacks had WHITE slaves for many centuries first they hide and even in the US so karma. They’ve enslaved raped and murdered more then any race in history and still practice it the hypocrites. ALL races practiced slavery or been slaves and they have centuries of White blood, slavery genocide of Whites they never take responsibility for to this day. Genocide Whites in all black countries and steal their lives and property to this day. Kill White people in the US 18x more and 200x more felonies on us. They owe US