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Tonight's Tipping Points: Transgenderism, Anti-Semitism, & AOC

Tonight's Tipping Points: Transgenderism, Anti-Semitism, & AOC

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Author Since: Sep 20, 2018

  1. Personification of contemptuous insolence – anti-American – what is this doing in Congress or on any congressional committees? These 'Rules for Radicals' role models need to be expelled before infecting new generations….

  2. If foriegn or domestic money have no play in influencing of our government, then that "anti-Semitic" tweet would never have been tweeted. Nothing in her tweet is anti-Semitic. She's calling out our corrupt government officials for groveling to these lobbying groups.

  3. Canada will burn in hell…. Wait, they already are a living hell, same as the corruption going on in the USA.
    Times are truly changing……for the worse and many are blind to it.

  4. Whatever happened to a fully American government here. Stop betraying our country by allowing people from Islamic countries to have any say or rule here. Remember they hate America.

  5. We need more American Muslims in Congress. They shame the White Christian European sell outs with their honesty. At least they fight back and say something. White boys are all cucks to Israel apparently. Sad but true. White Americans had their chance to say something, but never had the courage to do it. You can thank AOC for being a braver as a Muslim Women , than your weak effeminate White Christian Men.

  6. AON was on the right side of the Syrian conflict, but this story defending the zionists? AIPAC , ZOA, ADL and other jewish lobby groups are THE foreign agents interfering in US politics for Israel's benefit, not the American people. AIPAC is the hub where backroom deals are done, even if politicians aren't actively taking bribes via them, they are always fearful they may wake up one morning and find AIPAC has given their opponent $500K to run against them. Omar is absolutely right in her comments, these lobby groups are steering the US military-industrial complex into regime change wars that mostly benefit Israel and complicit corporations.
    Just to note, the US gives Israel $4 Billion per year (a country that has universal healthcare!), and also Egypt $1.5 Billion per year for being Israel's bitch re Palestine. Plus wasting $1 Trillion+ on pointless wars. Israel is THE ENEMY, and so are their complicit lobby groups. Wake the hell up.

  7. Nothing says "Jewish groups have zero influence over our politicians" like having all of Washington and the President unanimously condemn the one person who criticizes the Israel lobby.

  8. It’s time to push Conventions of states under Article V under the constitution, get involved with this and help put a stop to all these idiots. It only takes 35 states so talk with your local government and help. Over 3 million and counting getting involved. We can stop this over corrupt, power hungry government, just get involved.

  9. This Omar has a lot more to worry about than this , She has been exposed for marrying her Brother to commit Marriage Fraud to get him to stay in the country .,……she also isn't staying in the address in the District she is representing in Minnesota, Laura Loomer & several Lawyers have lots of illegal evidence against her …

  10. Hegalian Dialect :
    Anti semitism VS Muslim
    Black VS white
    Female VS male
    Gay VS straight
    Right VS left
    Left VS Progressive
    Guns VS OSI
    Capitalism VS Socialism
    Consumerism VS Minimalism
    Etc etc etc..
    United We Stand
    Divided We Fall.
    The ONLY Dammit "ism" we need to be concerned about is Nationalism VS Globalism.
    America FIRST

  11. Her “disgusting Anti-Semitic remarks”?! That is untrue. She merely pointed out the huge influence the Jewish lobby has with our government. Is this not a fact? Should it be so? Of course not. One America News just exposed themselves as yet another controlled opposition news source. I had some suspicions before, but now it is clear. And just who owns/funds this network, pray tell? Unsubscribed and your app deleted. Everyone, you have to be on your toes and very discerning on finding the real news.