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Tonight's Tipping Points: Women's March, Shutdown, & Graham!

Tonight's Tipping Points: Women's March, Shutdown, & Graham!

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  1. Why is there anybody listen to Cohen he was Trump's lawyer he's not supposed to divulge any information a lawyer is not supposed to divulge anything about your talks you taped him play these games he lied to Congress he got his sentence and now he's acting like he's a good guy please don't you see the wrong in that whether you're conservative or liberal would you like your lawyer when you're talking to him confidentially that they can divulge it or tape you please right is right and wrong is wrong that guy is a life sentence for what he's doing he's just lying why do we get people who are impartial to everything I'm impartial because I look at it I really did not like Trump at first but I haven't seen him do anything wrong I hated The Apprentice I thought he was an arrogant motherfuker okay but Nancy Pelosi Takes the Cake She's cunt and I mean that I would not call my sisters that I know how girls hate that word but she is a cont and every word that means she's a bloody mess like you have these nasty ass b**** on the front lawn of the White House with Madonna and that lady who got up there and said I'm a bloody b** let me tell you something my sister is wanting to kill you you're so nasty you're just nasty people that's what liberals became today nasty the Nazis they're trying to control other people fascists they're the ones who are fascists they call other people it like pedophiles all you liberals have all these pedophiles with y cuz you're nasty Bible said it happened and you are nasty people Bible said it would be that way in the end times enjoy hell oh by the way nothing you could do to me that's going to bother me I'm just passing through this world to watch a bunch of losers at at loose idiots that's what you are idiots insane actually enjoy your life while you're burning in hell is no way to help you when you going to pick on people who don't want you to think things bad Joy AIDS enjoy herpes of the The General enjoy all the things that you brought good nature but that's liberals back in the 70s were nothing like you you're idiots but you also have Izzy professors you know something as my mother taught us kids those who don't learn from history's mistakes are doomed to repeat the same things again so you liberals today stop calling conservatives radicals because your other radicals you're trying to tell him to shut up again talk on college campuses ulna conservative people would consider the mines were raised differently they don't have a right to think the way they think and believe we can service isn't has nothing to do with we don't hate people for color or anything we just believe the way we believe so is that wrong so who's the radical who's the Nazi who's the idiot you

  2. Alexandria Cortez you're a f**** idiot in 30 days these federal employees that you now stand behind Pulaski will lose their jobs it's in the Constitution our forefathers were more smarter than you you want to keep it shut down going you f*** your own constituents enjoy yourself I like you crying that you can get a place cuz you didn't have the money well let me tell you I was average people have live with family on the streets why do you try it before you talk to your b***** we're not going to give you money to get a place to live working make your money would you not right now you're running around going after the Republicans when you should we tell Nancy given the f*** of wall she had a bill for 30 billion dollars out of the country but she can't pay 5 billion for our own country protection you swore to protect us you're not doing it that makes you a liar b** a nasty ass liar and I'll call you what you are b** so keep doing it b** I'm going to keep calling you and by the way 30 days these federal employees who are non-essential lose their jobs it's in the Constitution reader of our founding fathers are white smart they knew there might be an idiot like pelosky but do you realize you are only one third of the government you the house and the Senate together now the president is 1/3 and now the Supreme Court is 1/3 so check yourself before you wreck yourself Pulaski has overplayed your hands and you think it's all fine you're playing your games running to Schumer running around acting like an idiot and said in 30 days is federal employees lose their jobs permanently it's in the Constitution look it up b** which you don't know nothing keep talking about taking money for other people check the Constitution our founding fathers were smart they knew they'd be a b** like you coming along play new Nancy Pelosi would be a b** taking it because she owns the house shell on the said it that's her problem she's an idiot and she was elected by the majority of states and let me tell you something else electoral votes were made California New York and popular states could not take control of the rest of us if you don't like that b** try to change it because we'll succeed from the Union you got got try to but us Republicans will succeed them cuz we're not stupid we will f**** fight like a motherfuker guy f*** with us too long stop f**** with us listen to logic and stop calling people names we disagree with you fine but I hear you people calling black people racist white racist and you don't even know they're black you talking on the phone stop calling people names we have a right to believe the way we got a free country you stand for us like you should and what's wrong with the border wall you don't know who's coming in this country I don't know and honey we should get your salary away from you live on the streets maybe you'll learn something

  3. Is anybody to tell these federal employees are laid off in 2 days they lose their jobs and get severance pay government shutdown means our founding fathers were smart either you get your s*** together or I'll see you don't hold our people Ransom so Nancy Pelosi displayed her hand and that stupid girl Cortez who talks like an idiot itty bitty I'm not in kindergarten I'm in adults she talks like a moron and doesn't even know what the hell she's talking about they act like she knew God to liberals enjoy her she's an idiot what she says those people at the tippity top what the f*** is the tippity top she's a spoiled b** because let me tell you something I've live 58 years I got job sometimes I had to live on the street till I got enough money to get my place but she's there complaining to live I have no money for a place to live so where supposed to take care of for you bich none of us have a job making $170,000 a year sucking up b** live on the streets for a while then maybe you'll know what you're talkin about is let me tell you something there's a lot of people not voting who live on the streets of the Revolution comes you liberals better run your asses off because a lot of us homeless people hate you especially with somebody making $170,000 a year and bitching about she has no place to go like she you're at the Tiffany's hot now with homeless people give me the job. Keep saying your s*** b** you know there is so many Americans that don't even vote because they're homeless and don't even care is just trying to live so let me tell you Cortez give it a shot. That's where we say when we kill you and we will kill you if there's a revolution so you better back your ass up and stop your b***** you're talking like a child is many of us who lived on these streets many years and just try to survive so stop saying to me. Like you're talking to Children which you are cuz he's college kids come out like children not with a mind of their own a mind of their professors you are a sin to mankind and so easily colleges and he'll know we're not paying for any to go to college I went two years of college I paid for it myself I'm not paying for anybody else I paid enough in taxes my nieces and nephews they went to college with grants scholarships and they got good jobs they did pay off them bad choices your problem not mine so Good by b***