Top 10 Extinct Animals Being Brought Back To Life
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Everything has its time – as the old saying goes. Throughout the Earths history, species have come and species have gone. For the first time though, humans have reached a point where they may be able to bring back some species from the grave. Some people argue this is a bad idea, others can’t wait to see it happen – either way, it seems like its going to become a reality in the not too distant future. My name is Danny Burke, this is the Top 10 Extinct Animals Being Brought Back To Life.

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  1. I think recreating is one thing and releasing it out of captivity is another. Recreating might be an interesting thing to do with little or no foreseen negative consequences. However, if the animals were released or escape captivity, things would go terribly wrong. For example, the mammoth is such a large beast that no animal that is currently alive in the tundra would be able to talk it down even if it was alone except POSSIBLY a pack of wolves. But since mammoths live in groups, they will be even harder to kill, meaning they will quickly populate to very large numbers. This means resources will be less and less for smaller herbivores. Resulting in death and possibly extinction of smaller animals. Which means death to smaller carnivores like coyotes. The list keeps going and the long-term effects will likely be that the return of past extinct animals into the wild will cause currently safe and endangered species extinct.

  2. It would be unethical to bring extinct species back from the dead especially mammoths as the elephants we have on the planet have a hard time as it is with poaching and to many people on the planet as do all the animals we have

  3. Bring back the Barbury Lion and the Caspian Tiger, Zebus Zebra , Atlas Deer, and the quagga , and short faced kangaroo and short faced beat and the mammoth . Sabre tooth tiger wouldn't be a good idea they'd eat people .