Top 10 Mysterious Objects Caught Moving On Camera

Top 10 Mysterious Objects Caught Moving On Camera

Top 10 Mysterious Objects Caught Moving On Camera
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I am not 100 percent sure i am going to be able to handle this one. Objects are just a material thing that can been seen and touched but they shouldn’t be able to move on its own. So when stuff starts moving i start freaking out. That’s why i hate playing that ouija board because I know someone who is playing with me is trolling but when I oh come on who’s moving it and everyone swears they are not I just get up and walk away, I don’t want to partake in summoning any demons or devils my life is scary enough.

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  1. ok seriously i can see the string right there on that little toy cart on 3:56 look very closely to the left blue bar up to the actual handle u can see it right before it was cut back to Landon

  2. Lol. Yes Landon, Sam and Dean Winchester. Dude you seriously don’t watch Supernatural!? πŸ™ˆ Don’t worry, still love you guys. Always πŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ˜Ž But I think #5 is so bogus.

  3. I remember #10 on a tv show….Strange Evidence. Great show btw. They figured out the statue moving was caused by vibrations from the street when large trucks went by. The bottom surface of the statue was different than the other statues.

    Also, I love #3 with the big doll.

  4. The kids cart you could see fishing line in a couple blips and the "bike ghost" if you look you can't see much of the back wheel because someones crouched there probably trying to not be seen on the camera they know is watching.