Top 10 Scariest Ads Ever

Top 10 Scariest Ads Ever

Top 10 Scariest Ads Ever
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What are you guys scared of? For me its some of these commercials I am about to show you. Lets see if you can make it all the way through this video. I dare you. Also stay tune till the end of this video for a bonus clip.

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  1. Alright so the "ICE CREAM MAN AD" well it's for a ice cream company called you guessed it "Little Baby's Ice Cream" sooooo yeah that's just basically it! oh and also the director for that ad is actually a youtuber who uploads weird but yet cool effects!

  2. *LMAO "LITTLE BABIES".* I think what's even more hilarious. Is your comments Landon. Sooo true!! I found 2nd Twisted commercial for that same Little Baby's Icecream. *EVERYONE WATCH & INCLUDE IT FOR A PART 2!*
    Absolutely enjoying this top ten. Seen quite a few of them before. But others haven't. And to answer your question. Absolutely nothing scares me. I've been into Horror & all things Creepy since the age of 12.

  3. You should see the car public safety adverts from northern Ireland. People trapped against walls by cars, a nursery school being wiped out by a speeding car, a kid being killed in his own garden by a speeding car and many more horrors. They are shown at all times of the day.