Top 10 Scariest Things Found Frozen in the ALPS

Top 10 Scariest Things Found Frozen in the ALPS

Top 10 Scariest Things Found Frozen in the ALPS
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Personally for me since i was born and raised in a really hot country I would always rather be hot than be cold. Like being cold is the most uncomfortable feeling to me to the point when people have asked whether i would rather freeze or burn. I’ve always chosen the latter. Freezing is actually a lot more common than people realize and a lot of that happens when people go mountain climbing and what not and their bodies are then found ages later. But bodies don’t even begin to describe all the things found frozen in mountain ranges. You’d be surprised believe me. So lets find out more, this is the top 10 Scariest Things Found Frozen in the Alps.

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  1. Great video! I would love to see a part two and maybe one covering other frozen mountains of the world. I don't think I would have been so honest if I'd have found a box of treasure, I am certain some would have found its way to my house…lol. I have to admit I wasn't keen when you first joined the gang as I hate change but you are fast becoming a fave, keep up the good work!

  2. For those who are bashing Ayman. Beep you.. I love you all most amazing each of your personalities are awesome and i enjoy all your uplaods. There not only fun but exciting too. Thank you for everyone who puts most amazing together and makes it happen once again your GREAT