Top 10 Scary Addictions That Went Too Far

Top 10 Scary Addictions That Went Too Far

Top 10 Scary Addictions That Went Too Far
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For now though, Jocelyn has joined me to help us explore addictions. By its very nature, addictions aren’t that great – but I definitely think that some addictions are worse than others… and with that, I think it’s time to jump right into our Top 10 Scary Addictions That Went Too Far.

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  1. See people think matina is crazy but what she does is excatly what transexual people do .. but being transexual is ment be normal and not a mental illness…. .trapped in the wrong body etc etc…. Ya still want to say it not a mental illness???

  2. I have a "addiction" my parents say I'm addictic to fortnite because it's all I play 1 no I play it because I have a fun time with friends 2 I play apex as well 3 I enjoy fortnite because it's a local game and I can talk to others and 4th it's the only game I have besides apex plus NONE of my friends play apex besides Ryan and Ried (yes it's ie not ee) but they only play in the days there is no school cause of their house rules anyways what I'm trying to say is I'M NOT ADDICTIDED TO FORTNITE IT'S JUST THE FACT THAT LOTS OF PEOPLE I KNOW PLAY FORTNITE JEEZ

  3. If you have game addiction and and you want to solve it then play Fortnite because that the only game in history that would want you to quit everthing and Press CTL- F4 on everthing

  4. The only cosmetic surgery I want done also is for practical reasons. A great-uncle of mine died from malignant melanoma. I'm very fair myself and I have several large, ugly moles on my belly and back. Removing these will prevent them from becoming cancerous.