Top 10 Scary Creatures Seen In Forests

Top 10 Scary Creatures Seen In Forests

Top 10 Scary Creatures Seen In Forests
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Honestly unless you’re going camping or bird watching or hiking i don’t know why you’d go into a forest. Like if you’re not doing any of the above what are you doing? What are you looking for in there? The answers to life’s questions? You’re definitely not gonna find it in there mate. But what you may come across and sadly other people have come across too are scary creatures. Creatures that make you wish you were never born, ones that are guaranteed to have you waking up screaming in the middle of the night. These are the Top 10 Scary Creatures Seen In Forests.

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  1. wendigos eat you alive, even sucking the marrow from your bones. There are two types (spirits and those who are infected/possessed), if you use a gun it has to have silver bullets in it and they are said to bring blizzards with them (that's where the fire comes in)

  2. I lived in a rural area in Florida and that thing,the skunkape is very real I may have not fully seen but I smelled the most gut wrenching smell ever it snatched up my cat who was trying to run for his life. He lost all nine of those lives that day and I lost most of my sense of scientific reasoning that day because it left tracks and bits of my cat. I feel sick just typing this. Good thing I don't live there anymore.

  3. As a goat farmer who had always raised goats I can say for sertion that they can live for quite a while when taken care of, I have a doe (girl goat) that will be 18 year young this year (2019) but if some did manage to splice both spices of a human and a goat maybe it could live for a long wail since people aren't hunting it and is thriving in a forest.