Top 10 Scary Disney Urban Legends
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the Internet. I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today I am talking about the Top 10 Disney Urban Legends. Dannyโ€™s Urban Legend series has been such a success, we are expanding it out to more topics, not just countries. When we met you guys at our top 10 meet up, you told me that you loved our scary videos, so I thought I would bring it to you! Before we jump into the video, why donโ€™t you let me know your favorite Disney movie? If you stick around to the end, I have a fun Disney related picture to show you.


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  1. i tride to listen to the song "it's a small world" and i have to say it is creepy, i also read the creepy pasta the true story why the disny closed and i say do not read it or downlowd it. if you want to it is an app but i warn whoever do it it is creepy.

  2. I once lived in a house in Lake County Florida in a small area known as Ferndale. This large house was most definitely haunted, as was the property itself. Little girls laughter, an old woman taken to rocking in a reclining chair and moving doors straight down to the little ghost girl living in the trailer house on the property. They enjoyed playing games and jokes on the living. The little girl really scared me just by laughing and her presence made the area cold, even on hot summer days. They are still there, though who they were is a mystery to me.

  3. Well, there were real human skeletons used in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean ride back when it was initially created. The main reason for why they were used was because fake skeletons didn't look like skeletons and because it was cheaper to buy actual human skeletons over the fake ones, which makes sense considering many Hollywood films (such as Poltergeist) also used real skeletons. Even many classrooms in high schools and colleges would often have the skeletons of dissected individuals on display and would sometimes sell these remains to other groups, which included Hollywood studios and companies like Walt Disney.

    They were replaced in the late 1980's with prop skeletons due to the real ones being fragile as well as the fake alternatives becoming cheaper and more realistic while also remaining more durable over time, especially when you consider the ride environment includes a moist environment. This can lead to the bones becoming more fragile over time and, in turn, can cause them to break down.

  4. That sex-crazed legend is ridiculous because I have seen ALL the original Disney animated movies (and most live-action) several times and I am the least sexual person ever.
    Now Dreamworks on the other hand…

  5. Is it just me or does the fire station in Disneyland look the same as the one in the cars movie? I was watching cars yesterday with my son and when I seen the picture it made me think of the start of the film.

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