Top 10 Scary Encounters With A Sociopath

Top 10 Scary Encounters With A Sociopath

Top 10 Scary Encounters With A Sociopath
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Hello and welcome back to the most amazing channel on the internet. I am your host Rebecca Felgate and we are back discussing that trending word, aren’t we, sociopath. Today we are talking the Top 10 Scary Encounters with a Sociopath. Now we are not saying all sociopaths are evil, just that there are predisposed to some behavior other people may find worrying. Stay tuned until the end to get the full story.

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  1. I seriously doubt that girl at the end is a sociopath. Real sociopaths would never go to treatment or admit they have a disorder, as they are too narcissistic and self-centered and manipulative to have these desires. She seems like an attention seeker with maybe a couple antisocial traits, but probably far less than people like you or me. I am too perfect to have any flaws, so I know I'm not… 😀

  2. The right definition for most of these people are psychopaths not sociopaths. Psychopaths are more cool and controlled and intelligent. Sociopaths display similar behaviors but the mostly turn out to be regular people. They are not much of a threat like psychopaths. Psychopaths kills animals when they are young and if they like it, it can turn into murder etc.

  3. Who else purposefully gets questions wrong in tests to fit with the mediocre scores and pretends to be a different person for every person in one's life, purely to blend with the crowd whilst observing different manners of treatment and characters for later use?

  4. Seriously… My aunt's next door neighbors son goes to my school and we used to be close friends and even sat at the same lunch table. From the beginning I thought he was a bit off always talking online to girls that just are way to fake looking and he insisted they were real. He was obsessed with getting someone and they had to be very attractive. Eventually he ended up getting home schooled and I hadn't had any communication since then but his mom has told my aunt some things… They had two dogs and one day she had walked in on him sexually violating the dog. He completely raped the dog… They had to get rid of it and apparently the other one wouldn't take his crap. More recently he was caught doing naughty things to his little sisters friend while she was sleeping one night she was over. He works at a McDonald's near me but I refuse to go there in fear of knowing someone who is capable of such disturbing things.

  5. i use to hit stuff till my hand were red and bloody have never really understood feeling do lie sometimes for fun but now days I can just laugh and laugh never really understood people so I'm going to look into space best time in history to do so

  6. my ex-boyfriend is a sociopath – I was so scared being with him and none of my family approved of him, but I stayed with him because he was deaf. We eventually broke up and somehow he got my cell number. He has been texting me every 2 to 3 months and has even threatened my current boyfriend. I have screen-shot every one of his texts he sent me and sent them to my sister, who is a lawyer. Haven't heard from my ex in 2 weeks.