Anorexia is one of the more common eating disorders out there yet there are many misconceptions surrounding the illness. These are the top 10 scary facts about anorexia.


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Danica Oliva

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  1. My hair used to be so thick id always get compliments on it and now all of my hair combined feels as thick as what one section would have been several years ago. And im literally ice cold allll of the time

  2. I'm taking hint of what I am. I've had anorexia for 6 years. I'm only 13. I'm glad I have BTS helping me understand that it is wrong. I've went from eating 250 calories to 1400 a day. I think I see progress 💜

  3. this is all true. ana is my friend, though she doesnt listen to me at times. she wants me to feel hungry, to exercise if i eat just a little thing. i give in, she is happy. i am happy. she helps me when im feeling down, she helps me even when i dont need her. she loves how i am willing to give in to her. she wants me to do this for attention. ana is not my friend. someone help me

  4. Being a male anorexic, it is hard to relate to many other sufferers. I’ve even been to the hospital for a week to get my heart rate up since my body weight was so low. If you’re thinking of restricting your diet, think long and hard because the more you think about the diet, the more you’ll restrict and end up where I’ve come. Please don’t.

  5. So… I have been to the hospital nine times… I have developed anemia…i have a vitamin d deficiency …and still STILL cant force myself to eat more than four chips out of every bag I open.. I have therapy three times a week.. I take so much medication … I have constant parasomnia and insomnia.. I .. It's so hard.. Every time I smell food I start crying or puking bc I want to eat, I do… But when I try.. My body just wont let me.. Thats what i deal with every day.. And I am male. I'm in the military. I work out constantly… I'm getting help.. But it isnt helping…

  6. I need your help guys I have adhd and I take 2 pills everyday one for sleep and one for me to focus I am 12 and I have noticed that my focus pill causes me to always feel full and alot of my kids at my school ask me why I never eat my lunch and it makes me sad but it's not like I am doing it to myself my mom says i need the pills

  7. I convinced my parents to think I'm vegetarian and when they do give me food I tend to talk a lot cut my food to the littlest peices and squish it all together it will look like I ate

  8. When I was little i was really skinny because we were pretty poor around the time (still kind of) then my mom committed suicide and that just made it even worse. At the age of 13 I discovered little ceasars. I'm quickly becoming boogie 2.0.