Top 10 Scary FBI Spying Stories

Top 10 Scary FBI Spying Stories

Top 10 Scary FBI Spying Stories
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I know the FBI jokes started off as memes and i was like pfft like someone is listening to me through my laptop yeah right. But then slowly but surely i started seeing ads on Instagram and Facebook about stuff i hadn’t googled but stuff i had just been talking about to my friends in real life. So i was like hold on a minute. That’s scary. But that’s just silly public paranoia, the FBI in real life is 100x more scary there’s no question about it. So should we find out more? This is the Top 10 Scary FBI Spying Stories.

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  1. Random person: Help, the FBI spies on me through my computer!! They're always harassing me with personal adverts!!
    Me: Oh, you pompous arrogant troll. The FBI have much more important, other things to be getting on with, rather than you.
    Random person: [gasps] OTHER things!?!