Top 10 Scary Flat Earth Theories

Top 10 Scary Flat Earth Theories

Top 10 Scary Flat Earth Theories
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So i was in an earth science course in my last year of university where i learnt about all the different legitimate earth theories, the flat ones the round ones, how tectonic plates actually move how people thought they moved the whole lot. It was one of my favourite courses no joke. And its so interesting that so many people had so many different beliefs about something as big as the shape of the earth. And we still have differing beliefs today believe it or not! So lets find out what on earth the shape of this planet is, this is the Top 10 Scary Flat Earth Theories.

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  1. FFS, literally have to stop watching these top 10 things as soon it's her that pops up presenting them. Sorry but she's really annoying, I'm sure she's a lovely person but damn she is no presenter.

  2. This video just made me want to headbutt a wall. The attitude of all of these people is "Ignore all the scientific evidence that debunks my theory! I'm so desperate to be right about something I'm willing to overlook hundreds of years of sound science and will willingly attack anyone who disagrees!" No joke I got punched in the face by someone who tried to convince me the earth was flat and I'd replied with "I've seen the shape of the planet every time I'v gone on a plain." Honestly, people like this are the reason my science teacher was able to discuss both physics and psychology in a single lesson

  3. Volcanoes don't make sense on a flat earth. Also though they can explain seasons, days, years, months and time zones as singular events, they can't explain them collectively. Also the sun would illuminate the whole earth. Also how for half of the year is the north pole in pretty much constant darkness while the south pole is in constant light and then opposite for the other half. Also I grew up on the western coast of the UK, I've watched the sun set hundreds of times. It drops below the horizon. It doesn't get smaller and smaller in the sky until it becomes a blimp and then nothing. Also I'm an avid wildlife watcher, and have spent many years watching over the sea (from the shore line) with binoculars. Ships definitely go below the horizon. Also there are islands dotted around where I live that you can only see from up on the cliffs. Were the earth flat, I'd be able to see them from the shore.

  4. Top scariest flat Earth Theory… number 1… that they might be wrong, and that the Earth really is a globe.

    How else do you explain the sun and moon clearly and obviously setting every day, only to rise on the exact opposite side of the sky 12 hours later? Case closed. No math needed. No tests. No questions. Just common sense and two wide open and fully functioning eye-balls.

  5. When you go in a plane you could go round and round and round the earth however if the earth was flat you would go in a straight line and there would soon be an end to the earth almost like a cliffe and that has never been seen before therefore the earth must be a sphere.Also if the earth was a flat surface the sea water would go off the β€œcliffe”of the the edge of the surface.but sea levels are rising not decreasing so the earth can not be flat.

  6. No the world is a illusion and we're all fake just and we're all test subjects gone wrong and put in a place and our minds are controlled and bananas are blue lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  7. Th3 bible actually says the world is flat but it's square shape and is held up by 4 gigantic pillars, also the edges of this flat earth are defended by vicious sea serpents.