Top 10 Scary Ghost Games You Should Not Play On Halloween
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Halloween is coming up and I know a lot of you are wanting to play some creepy paranormal games. However, you should know that paranormal activity increases on Halloween and you have a better chance of summoning a demon on that night so I would highly suggest that you don’t play any of these ghost games. So here are the Top 10 Scary Ghost Games You Should Not Play On Halloween.

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  1. I remember playing Charlie Charlie in 5th grade with 3 of my other friends. It was at school at around 2:00 PM, and it was light outside, plus there were about 20 other people in the room so nothing happened. We also played it outside, writing the yes and nos in the dirt and using 2 sticks as the pencils; again nothing happened, but I still am not going to try it.

  2. mirrors apparently you dont know about some legends mirrors are windows for souls they say if you die infront of a black mirror yer spirit is bound to it and you can pretty much exact revenge on anyone infront of a mirror you choose goods example is the movie unfriended i think