Top 10 Scary Ghost Ship Urban Legends

Top 10 Scary Ghost Ship Urban Legends

Top 10 Scary Ghost Ship Urban Legends
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Back with another urban legends video. Okay automatically the first thing i thought of when i came to this video was the movie Ghost Ship. It came out in 2002, Emily Browning is the scary child aboard this ship. I watched it when i was way too young and i was scared as heck. The beginning where the wire cuts through everyone roitjgoisg i still remember it no. ok Ayman. Anyway i imagine this video is going to be like the movie but a lot less graphic hopefully so yeah lets get into it. This is the top 10 Scary Ghost Ship Urban Legends.

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  1. A book predicted the sinking of the Titanic 14 years before it happened. The story told of the biggest ship in the world with an uncanny resemblance to Titanic. It sailed from England to New York and hits an ice berg in the Northern Atlantic in mid-april. There aren't ebough lifeboats on board and more than half on board die. Guess what the name of the ship was. "The Titan". The name of the book was "The Wreck of The Titan"

  2. The Goodwin sands have been responsible for many wrecks including the Kingsdown ship wreckers. There are other ghost stories going on around as well. Look up the kingsdown ghost stories.

  3. They orang mudan was actually registered as another ship. The name changed but wasn't registered again that is why it wasn't in any registered apparently. Source : Wikipedia

  4. Omg I'm in love with the sea but I'm also terrified of it because I almost drowned in it as a kid. I'm happy just looking at from the coast, I'm not going it in, nope never again!

  5. In 2014, I was fishing in the Gulf Of Mexico. While fishing, a ship came out of nowhere, and was heading right at us. But it didn't hit us; it went through us. It was strange. I got a glimpse of the name as it passed through. It was called the "Gucci." Does anyone know what it was?

  6. The best theory about the Mary Celeste that I've read is that the cargo of alcohol was leaking, and those on board got into a lifeboat to be towed by the ship, until the odor cleared. Somehow, then, the line holding the lifeboat snapped, and it was cast adrift, with all aboard dying from drowning, exposure, or thirst.