Top 10 Scary Glitch In The Matrix Stories.
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Have you ever experienced something in your life that was so strange and unexpected that it made you question your own reality? Well you may have encountered whats known as a glitch in the matrix – an event that just does not add up with how the world is supposed to work. If it ever happens to you, it can be truly terrifying. Its happened to other people and now you’re gonna hear their stories. My name is Danny Burke and this is the top 10 Scary Glitch In The Matrix Stories

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  1. one night I was sleeping/dreaming about a car crash I was in

    the next morning after I dropped my sister off at daycare a box truck hit me and my cousins injuring my leg

    did I predict the future with my dream or wat

  2. When I was in second grade, I remember watching my classmate eat a cookie. When she took her first bite, however, when she took her first bite, the cookie was still whole. It was as if she hadn't taken a bight, and it freaked me out.

  3. OMG watching this made me feel so relieved, you know. There were times in my life where stuff were just odd. The biggest times was probably during High School.

    I remember this one time were I was walking home from school and I saw this couple walking a little a head of me, and I was like: "Oh gross, keep it to yourself." Then this noisy car drove past and the girl in front of me turn and then we just looked at each other. She looked exactly like me. She then then turned to her boyfriend said something and pointed to me. Only at that moment I tripped and the next I knew was I was walking up from an afternoon trip.

    But the weirdest part is is that a few months later, I finally got a boyfriend and we were walking home one day and this noisy car was coming up the road so I turned to look and there I was looking at myself. I turned to my boyfriend and said: "Omg Ive seen this. Love, I am standing right there. I wasnt crazy that day." My boyfriend told me then: "What are you talking about?" I turned to look, but the girl (me) was gone. Suddenly I had this major headache and I even puked. I turned to look where the other me had stood, and I saw three men wearing black glaring at me and the one even made that "Shhh" sign. I fainted and the doctor had just examined me and said he thinks I am just dehydrated and that I need to drink more water.

    And that wasnt all. Someone once came to me and said: "OMG Monique, yesterday was so much fun." I asked them what do they meant. and she said: "Yesterday at the choir festival! it still surprises me how well you can sing!" I told her:"I wasn't at the choir festival. I was at home watching anime."

    Then she looked defensive and genuine confused. She then said: "No, yesterday after the choir rehearsal, we talked." and then she just started mentioning stuff about myself that were public and some were private that I havent even told my best friend yet. When she realized that I really didnt know what she was talking about she freaked out and started ignoring me like the plague and we havent spoken since then.

  4. I had a similar experience where someone died and then later died again. It was so recently and you too will recognize the name as it was hugh hefner a month before what they say his death is rn i was watching tv and it talked about him being found passed in his sleep. A month before his actual death. I remember it so clearly cause i got up ran outside and was like mom hugh hefner died. I rold her cause she always calls me hugh or hef for walking around shirtless constantly at home lmao.

  5. My husband myself and our children were in our van sitting at a red light. In the lane crossing in front of us we see our van with us in it! .we all just froze in shock. My daughter broke the silence by asking if we were real or were they? I had no answer.

  6. I think instead of confessing to young folks that my mind is starting go from senility, I'm just going to say I'm experiencing a glitch in the Matrix. They'll just think I'm really cool instead of writing me off as a crazy old lady.

  7. Idk if this is a glitch or not but I don’t really believe in ghosts, glitches seem way cooler lol. But I was taking a shower in my parent’s bathroom and having a conversation with my mom who was sitting on her bed I think, when I heard a breathy laugh. I thought it was her since I couldn’t see her but she then asked me “what’s so funny?” And man,, it just creeped me out. Probably the only “different” experience I’ll ever have but it’s cool to think about