Top 10 Scary Gut Feeling Stories

Top 10 Scary Gut Feeling Stories

Top 10 Scary Gut Feeling Stories
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Have you ever had that feeling in the pit of your stomach that something just isn’t quite right? You don’t know where its coming from – you can’t even explain it to anyone else – but you can sense that something is going to go badly – for you – for your family, your friends or maybe even someone you don’t even know. Have you ever acted on that feeling? Have you ever trusted your gut? I found some creepy stories of people who did – and it may have saved them. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Gut Feeling Stories.

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  1. My mum says woman have a particular gut feeling when it comes to men. Example is my dad's really good friend in the military, they worked together and hung out outside of work. But whenever mum would see him she would try to move to the other room cause of how he made her feel. She had no reason to act like this he had been nothing but kind. 6 years later he was done for having stacks and stacks of child pornography stashed in his house. Woman's intuition🤔

  2. Was on a walk with my ex Fiance, at night in the summer when i walked into this staticky field of energy. Never experienced this before, and am not into that energy stuff, but this was real. I felt it thick on my face and hands, and soon a wrenched smell followed.
    I instantly turned around and made my ex do so as well. He didn't want to turn back, and insisted we continue until i mentioned the garbage like smell. Then he knew a bear must have been eating at the apple tree just 10 feet down from where i got the feeling.

    … I've also had several life saving gut feelings that should be avoided in telling publicly lol.

    ….. but even though i have a very keen sense, there have been several things i had minor feelings about and avoided listening to, and in turn either almost died, or went through something avoidable if i had only listened to my intuition.

  3. So hears a little story that is still going on:At the start of the school year there was this guy(let’s name him rick)that I didn’t trust I hadn’t even said a word to him but something seemed strange about him in the middle of the year we became kind of friends and I thought I misjudged rick but one day a good friend(let’s call her Lisa)told me that rick told her that if she didn’t date him he would jump off a building(this is a strategy used by a lot of abusive boyfriends) Rick usually acts happy and kind of dumb with a high voice but Lisa told me that when rick said that his voice was extremely deap…he started saying racist homophobic things and if I confronted him he would act like it’s normal…I can usually make predictions about people and they are usually accurate I had a dream that he came into a school and just stabbed everyone (in the dream he was much older) in most of my dreams about people the things that I see really happen but if I tell anyone besides my close friends they’ll think I’m making it up…I think his dumb friend personality is just like a mask he wears it to cover the real him and if I confront him I think he’ll kill me definitely

  4. Git feeling happened to me about a guy I used to strip for he ended up following another girl where I worked home and kills her and then was connected with two other killings of women I never talked to him after the first dance he gave me the most creepiest gut feeling I've ever had

  5. One day i was walking home from my highschool and i stayed pretty late and the sun was starting to set. I had on my over ear headphones that i had just gotten for christmas and was listen to music pretty loud. The road i was walking on was an infamous road for drunk drivers considering there were a string of bars around the area. I had no original intention to but something told me to walk inside of the convenient store across the street. As soon as i touched the handle to the store amd drunk driver crashed right where i was originally walking. Killing himself and his girlfriend. Still makes a shiver go down my spine when i think about it

  6. My parents both worked on a high floor of the towers… They never took days off but that morning called out because they had to take care of some things regarding my sisters school which wasnt far from the towers. I was in class which was near the towers as well. I thank God everyday they didnt go to work. I thank God.

  7. I have. I had a gut feeling in the begining of decembet that my animeia was back, it was. By the end of the month i had to have two infusions. My bloid work the previose months had been normal. My leveals drop overnight.

  8. So my gut told me to run and when i started to run i saw a white thing walk in my sun room when i ran and hid for about an hour i finally went up stairs and it was gone im still scared but in fine…..