Top 10 Scary Home Alone Theories

Top 10 Scary Home Alone Theories

Top 10 Scary Home Alone Theories
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Are you missing Christmas already? Well we got you covered with the Top 10 Scary Home Alone Theories. Kevin McAllister is a little darker than you remember.

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  1. The 40 year old virgin theory, perhaps not the only one who thinks it but when Gary hit the car and went through the billboard on the truck. Theory, he hit his head so hard he suffered from brain damage. The wedding, losing his virginity, a coma based dream.

  2. All of these theories are ridiculous and wrong. Do you hear yourself as you’re saying them and feel stupid while you’re saying it? It’s a movie about a kid that got left home alone and he defended himself from burglars, end of story.

  3. These are all theories so none of them are technically true unless the writers of the Home Alone franchise confirm their validity. With that said, Kevin becoming Jigsaw is fairly believable and Peter being a mob boss is highly plausible. The others are simply too far fetched.