Top 10 Scary Hotel Stories
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Welcome back everyone to Most Amazing Top 10 – my name is Danny Burke – back with another scary video for you – this one is about hotels. I imagine that when you guys go to sleep at night you feel safe being in your own home – its a familiar surround. What about hotels though? Do you still feel the same? Most of the time there’s absolutely nothing to worry about – but then you hear stories like this – and it kinda makes you think twice. Let’s see what you make of the Top 10 Scary Hotel Stories.


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  1. Yes, I’m late. But I have a story I just wanted to say. one time me and a friend where staying at a bed and breakfast inn that was haunted by a female ghost who died on the porch. That night we locked the door. In the middle of the night I woke up to the locked door opening. I was super freaked out and closed it. Then, later that night, the vent on the floor next to our bed was shaking, but no air was coming out of it. And the door was open again. That morning we went downstairs and my friend said she had a dream about a ghost coming out from a vent and leaving the room. I was so scared……

  2. Going to explain the footprints on the ceiling real quick. Alot of times during construction or remodeling, the ceiling panels are on the floor before installation and get walked on. plain as that.

  3. I have a creepy story to tell y’all that just happened to me in my own home.
    It was 9:03 PM on a Wednesday night and I was taking a shower, just before I got in I felt a presence of a spirit watching me, I thought it was just my imagination running away with me, I then heard a bang outside my bathroom, when I looked the lights were off, my parents had gone to bed and my Cats were in the spare room on the Bed, (Believe me, I checked) so I just shrugged it off and got in the shower and turned the water on, I saw the figure of a man in the reflection on my tile wall inside the shower standing behind me, I was too scared to stay in the shower and just ran to my room

  4. The most scary hotel I've been at was in topeka, kansas. I live just a couple hours from there, and I was going to go to a kartae tournament. The hotel we stayed at was very, very nice. It was built around a mansion, so it was huge. I decided to go walk around and explore with my sister, and neice. We were walking around, and there was this abandoned room at the end of a long hallway, and it was scary af. We found about ten more rooms just like it. So, that night, I was in the same room with my sister, we were about to go to sleep, when my sister said, what is that, by the window. I turned around, and there was a black, very tall figure, and we freaked, the hell out. We went to sleep, and we woke up the next morning. We went swimming for a bit, and then we went to the bathroom. While I was in the bathroom, the stall doors slammed, yet, I was the only one in there. I ran out, freaking out, only to find that the same thing happened to my sister and neice in the bathroom they were in. And that, is my scary story

  5. maybe someone was just dragging a dead body but hid it under the bed and jumped out the window and defied gravity to go back in and continue on that dragging one