Top 10 Scary Internet Conspiracy Theories

Top 10 Scary Internet Conspiracy Theories

Top 10 Scary Internet Conspiracy Theories
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Don’t we all love conspiracy theories? I think the first one I ever watched long videos about actually the Illuminati. My friend told me he had been watching conspiracy videos about it so I decided to look into it and i was like WOW. i felt like i was dumb and the world as I knew it was not how it seemed. But anyway Illuminati aside there are way too many conspiracy theories circulating on the internet so lets dig our teeth into them.

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20 Conspiracy Theories That Are Crazy Enough To Be True

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  1. I can't find anybody who remembers Berenstain Bears, with an a. I have a blurry memory of it, nothing reliable. It's always been with an e. Seriously, reply if you remember an a!

  2. so my fiance's dad was alive and old enough to underatand what he saw when the jfk assanatuon happened and saw it livw on tv. i showed him the currwnt available footage of the shooting and he said thats not what he saw happen and could tell the video was either fake or altered

  3. I donโ€™t think the parents killed Maddie but they share some blame, leaving a toddler and baby alone so they could eat dinner with friends, with the door open, well it made it easy

  4. Hitler was a coward and known to have body doubles. There are also stories of him being seen in Argentina. Another conspiracy theory is the Sandy Hook school shooting. There are a lot of things that just don't add up. It's a sad and scary thought to think that the government would fake such a thing or kill children for the sake of politics.

  5. Psychedelics don't cause physical addiction; emotional/mental addiction is a whole different ball game.

    Side note: Imo, I do not believe that any drugs force someone to become addicted; addiction depends on the person, not drugs themselves. I am just pointing out that physical dependency is not the only form of addiction.

    Also… It is soooo NOT BerenstAIN bears! That's just wrong.

  6. Don't be afraid Ayman, scientology usually refrains their follower from internet especially the Sea-Org. We can make fun of them. But on serious note, poor those who are in Scientology.