Top 10 Scary Last Wishes

Top 10 Scary Last Wishes

Top 10 Scary Last Wishes
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Hello and welcome back to the most amazing channel on the internet. I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking about the Top 10 Scary last Wishes. Not to be morbid, but what would your last wish be?

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  1. mine would be made into a diamond necklace and then it to be placed on my papas grave. i was very close to him and it’s been 10 years since i’ve seen him sadly

  2. I had often thought of what I wanted when I died. I decided I want my ashes split in 4 (25% in 3 small piles, 75% in one big pile). The 3 sections were to be made into 3 tricolor glass eyes. Each placed at the entrances of my favorite place on earth. And the remaining ashes sprinkled on every walking path so my soul could watch over my most precious place