Top 10 Scary Mannequin Stories

Top 10 Scary Mannequin Stories

Top 10 Scary Mannequin Stories
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Welcome back everyone – how do you feel about Mannequins? I know my good friend Jack is terrified of them – other people don’t mind them – but I guarantee that these mannequin stories will make you very uncomfortable. Can you make it to the end? Lets find out, my name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Mannequin Stories …

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  1. I am super interested in the mannequin with the button eyes in the background at the beginning of the video. Does anyone know anything about it? I’m guessing it’s an art piece but I definitely would like more information on it.

  2. I collect them and they dont bother me glad i dont have to feed them thats for sure LOL i even have one from the horror movie Wishmaster where she got turned into one i cant figure out why people have this crazy fear of mannequins the ones they have now in the stores are not even real anymore.