Top 10 Scary McDonald’s Urban Legends
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet, I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today I am talking the Top 10 Scary McDonalds Urban Legends! Do you guys love fast food? I am not sure you will after this video as some of these legends will haunt you for hours, if not forever! Before we bite into this list, I want to let me know what your favorite thing to order from Mcdonalds is? Let me know in the comments section down below.


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  1. there may be some merit to the first story. the worlds elites have admitted to trying to make as many jobs automated as possible. for having most people on a welfare system and not being payed a full wage and no insurance will save cooperations billons a year.

  2. dairy queen great services, good food usually my husband and I go there for date nights. It also seems they might actually cook it. Ha ha! In my dreams! I do not like mcdonalds but my husband likes the double big macs. If I eat it I'll get a chicken wrap, mcchicken and sometimes fish filets. I do enjoy their mccafe and think its better thank tim hortons gasp A canadian said that? 😉 lol but honestly I agree with u Rebbecca in coffee at tim Hortons is not very consistent at all and I would also wonder if they put nicotine in their coffee. Mostly because sometimes I've gotten a few burnt FVs there also ever tried coffee with whip cream on it? Its wonderful the cream cools down the coffee ah well if u let it dissolve long enough.

  3. I usually go P.Terry's because 1 the food it amazing, and 2 it's close to where I live. But when I travel to Massachusetts, they don't have P. Terry's in Massachusetts (well maybe they do) but the 2 specific places I go every year in Massachusetts don't have P.Terry's so I go to McDonald's. I get the Fish fillet, coke like I always do (I love coke!), and I get french Fries. And my grandparents, and my parents both don't like McDonalds in General, but the Fish Filet is good they said so I ended up trying it and that's what I always get. 😀

  4. I love the idea that Ronald McDonald is a MEMBER of the Illuminati. The image of all the world leaders sat around a table discussing world politics… with a cardboard cut-out of his character sat at the head of the table… is funny AF

  5. Is it just me, her attitude and vibes on how she talks in this video and other videos makes me want to dislike every video…can you not see it? I can't stay and watch videos including her….ugh where is the other narrators?