Top 10 Scary Mirror Stories

Top 10 Scary Mirror Stories

Top 10 Scary Mirror Stories
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Whoa I thought the only scary thing in the mirror was my own reflection but I guess I was wrong. There’s just something about mirrors that freak a lot of people out. Some say that spirits can live in the mirror and terrorize and haunt your home, while others say that mirrors are passageways to other dimensions. So let’s looks at some of these scary mirror stories.

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The Haunted Mirror

The most haunted mirrors in the world!

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  1. Not this guy again….. One would think that out of all of the people in the world, you guys would find someone who does not have a issue talking, this guy can not pronunciate words properly. No, it not an accent, it is a cocksuckers lisp…… #firethisguy

  2. As much as the angles are interesting, it's not what works with these specific videos. I personally would prefer seeing the speakers head-on because it makes me feel more involved and interested in what they are saying. Other than that, good video!

  3. I don't like mirrors. 2 years old and I saw something/someone behind me. I'll use em if I have to but refuse to have one in my room or look into one in the dark for more than a second. I'm the same way with photographs, I turn photos away from me so they aren't 'looking' at me.

    I'm weird.

  4. Guys get rid of your computer and phone tablet and that stuff it has reflections oh and for you too Landon and your camera I think your tv umm uhh umm idk

  5. The blue baby ritual started at my school when a family was brutally murdered my friends dared me to do it but I didn't because that's how my best friend died the school has decided to take down all the mirrors but now our gym is really haunted