Top 10 Scary Movies That Seemed Too Real

Top 10 Scary Movies That Seemed Too Real

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Top 10 Scary Movies That Seemed Too Real
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Is this real life right now, well its possible. Imagine the movie day after tomorrow being real life, or even real life zombies. Maybe these movies aren’t just movies they are telling us about the future. I mean The Simpsons pretty much tells us the future an episode at a time.

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  1. It was a dead body that there blood had drained into the ice and I was visiting Alexandria and we heard a lot of those stories so Laura Shafner is one of the stories I had heard of it’s creepy but if u take a picture where the unknown soldier is buried a colonial woman will appear in the picture

  2. I think I'm sure she's got more intelligent going to be less shark attacks because he didn't realize that the human body doesn't have much fat that they really need him it's not much muscle or protein