Top 10 Scary Ohio Urban Legends – Part 2
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Welcome back friends, if I was to do a top 10 us states with the scariest urban legends – Ohio would definitely be on the list. The video I did on Ohio’s Urban Legends was very popular, so I went back and found some even creepier ones for a whole new video and here we are. If you want a part 3 then leave a like and let me know, if you want something else entirely, I can do that too. For now though, get comfortable, I’m Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Ohio Urban Legends Part 2.

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  1. Part 3 you should look up the Collingwood art center it in Toledo ohio there been so many death there nuns a ghost bride that committed suicide when he husband was a no show 2 group of children died on in a fire another children were locked in a closet fot satanic things there artist that live there and a few times a year people are rush to the hospital for going crazy with different mental issues i use to do acting there as a child i have heard some children laugh when i was the youngest liveing person there and i seen some thing there i cant explain

  2. As an Ohioan, I love this content! I live in a tiny village called Waynesville and we have so much history! We do ghost tours and everything. I live right next to an old Quaker cemetery that HAS to have some creepy history to it! If you do a part 3, consider giving my town a look!