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Top 10 Scary Phobias That You Might Have

Top 10 Scary Phobias That You Might Have

Top 10 Scary Phobias That You Might Have
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There are many phobias that people are afraid of. The ones that are on this list, are some of the most common types of phobias that really do scare people and have a hard time getting through it. Join us as we talk about the Top 10 Scary Phobias That You Might Have.
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  1. Must rebel against queen rebecca, she hates jelly, if I was king I would ban cheese. My deepest fear is water, I almost drowned, so I hate water

  2. Im scared of clowns and small spaces and and little holes and im scared of food if its not done how I like it im even scared of bugs. Thats all and death I love the sound off that for some reason it makes me happy

  3. I'm terafide of clowns i see one i go nuts i'm also scard of dog heights and spiders and clowns were on of the very things you menched so i lookd away from the picturs you was puting up

  4. i have astrophobia in a different way than the fear of the unknown tho. It's a fear of being millions of miles away from home and family, on a space station flying through space. it's scary to think about. you could be dead and them not know it vice versa

  5. Biggest fear would have to be this rare phenomenon called “anaesthesia awareness” that occurs when someone regains consciousness and (sometimes) feeling under anaesthetic while still paralysed and appearing to be asleep…