Top 10 Scary Phone Glitch Stories.

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Phones have become such an ordinary part of our day to day lives – they work just fine most of the time but sometimes, glitches happen. And we don’t mean little ones, we mean pretty terrifying glitches. We’ve found the best stories of this for you if you can handle them. This is the top 10 Scary Phone Glitch Stories.

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  1. I was walking from school and it was pourinb it down to i call my dad to pick me up because i didn't want to walk in the rain and so we were planning where to meet up my dad call me another time and told me where to wait for me
    My dad called my another time i was trying to pick up but my phone screen and my fingers were wet so i couldn't pick up
    When i got in my dad's car i told him why i didn't pick up and then i turned on my phone again it was dialling njmber and letter to call someone but it didn't call anyone
    I was in the car then it was doing that😕

  2. Once, it might have been my headphones but im not sure, i was watching youtube and then i went to a different video and all i could hear was static and a wierd whispering sound, it only happened that one time so i turned my phone off and back on and watched the same video and i didnt hear anything but the normal audio

  3. One time my phones camera only showed blackness, and when I tried to take a picture thru the back facing camera, it took it thru the front facing one. I clicked the switch camera button, but it still took it thru selfie camera. The camera screen made it look like there was something black covering the camera when there wasn’t anything there. K could only see the pictures after taking them.

  4. My brother said that something grabbed his feet, and pushed forwards while he was in bed when we were on vacation.. While we were on the drive home. My mom's phone said "I'm sorry. I can not help you with falling off the bed" but it was on Google Maps the whole time we were on the road..

  5. One day I was watching TV early in the morning the TV staticed and then cut to a white screen with a triangle and an eye inside the image was there for about two seconds. Then it cut back to the screen as if nothing happened.