Top 10 Scary Sleepover Stories – Part 3
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Welcome back everyone, I didn’t think I could do a part 2 of this series and look how far I’ve come – its part 3. Its difficult to find genuinley scary sleepover stories but when I do, oh they’re good – and these are some of the best. You’re gonna see what I mean – my name is Danny Burke, this is the Top 10 Scary Sleepover Stories Part 3.

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  1. I had a sleepover at my brothers house and whenever I was all alone I would feel someone looking at me from behind and it was while I was on the second floor, and then the next day I was pressured into smoking from a zong and I had an allergic reaction to the marijuana to the point that I felt like I was having an out of body situation and I heard three voices one sounded like my grandma who passed away another voice sounded like the way my mom described how my grandpa talked who died in WW2 and the third I didn't recognize, all the voices told me that it wasn't my time and right before the weed wore off I saw the same ghost that my brother and his boss said they saw before, two weeks later I told my doctor and she said that based on what I said to her it sounded like I would've died based on how much smoke I inhaled due to the fact that I was allergic to both smoke and marijuana

  2. I had a scary sleep over once when I was 11 and now I’m 13 but I was a my friend Bailey’s house with two other friends Maddie and Emma. We had been playing hide and seek while baileys parents were gone and her older brother was watching us. I was hiding under the pool table when I saw something start walking across the room. The lights were off and I was downstairs with only the few small windows. I assumed it was Emma since she had been seeking but it was too big of a figure to be her. It couldn’t have been Baileys brother either since he is very skinny. This was the outline of a full grown man. We hadn’t opened the doors and her parents weren’t home yet so I stayed down there hidden. He went into a back room then soon after I bolted upstairs. When her parents got home I told them what I had seen so they went to check the room and there was a man in there passed out cold. He was surrounded in 4-5 beer sized whiskey bottles. The police had came and took him away. To this day I still go over there but we don’t stay home alone anymore.

  3. Once when i was trying to sleep and my bed is by the window and I herd the crunching of leaves then I saw a flash light light shine through my window.I rolled off the bed so they couldn't see me.I slowly opened my closet and hid while texting my friend

  4. One time my mother who was eight months pregnant with me, her husband and her cousin slept over in an old abandoned caboose left over from the circus that had broken down. She saw a bright translucent ghost of a woman with only half a body who crawled over her stomach and then on through and out the other door. Now my mom was tough and she said she didn't care if she's not there anymore so they went to sleep. Five years later they actually met the same woman in the carnival being the spider lady. She had her own arms dress to be spider legs and six more animatronic legs. What was creepy about her was she could move around her cage because there was no hole needed to hide her own legs that she didn't have. She was actually my babysitter. My mother would put me in the cage with her while my parents went to go ride the big rides. I adored her. Since my dad worked with the carnival for a few months I got to see and spend a lot of time with her.

  5. This happened about 6 years ago, it was the evening of the Jewish high holiday of Yom Kippur when i got home from the Synagogue, i was an Orthodox Jew at the time. It was pouring outside heavily when suddenly me and my roommate heard a loud and distinct knocking coming from the roof. It just kept up and was super creapy, eventually we both went to sleep. I havent heard anything like it since

  6. My grandparents own a house that was built by the original owner who died making it the wife sold the house for very cheap. My grandparents bought it excited to have found a good deal on a house. But the house is haunted by an old lady in a blue dress and we always hear people walking around even when no one is there but me and my siblings. We always feel scared and that we are being watched. My mom said that when she was growing up she would put bells on her doorknob because she felt like a ghost was going to get her in her sleep