Top 10 Scary Sleepover Stories
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I feel like all the creepy things in the world wait until we try and get to sleep to come out. You know what I mean? I wouldn’t be half as creeped out by things if it happened at lunchtime – but no – its always when your drifting off to sleep. It’s even worse if you’re sleeping somewhere unfamiliar for the night. Do any of you guys have stories like this? Well, let’s see if they can beat these creepy ones I found. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Sleepover Stories.


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  1. My mom heard about the first one on Facebook or something, and now she thinks Slenderman is scary, and she's scared that I am a bit of a slender man fan and not really of other any other particular horror character.

  2. When I was little we had a 2 story house and my older brothers friends spent the night it was like 3 in the morning and we woke up cause somthing flew through our window when we looked through the window a man was dressed in all black and it seemed like he had no face when he saw us he just turned around and walked off we ran down stairs and told my parents and they never came to spend the night agin

  3. A sleepover story I have is

    I was at my friends house and it was of course 3:00 am. My friend (not saying who) said she felt something was wrong we checked it out with the help of the parents in the morning I stayed another night upstairs we heard a sucpicous whisper and found out it was the brother we. We felt like it was burning up

  4. I have a story, so me and my best friends were having a sleepover and we opened a window because it was hot. Then we heard a nose from outside so we went downstairs. When we got there we went to the kitchen to grab a weapon so I grabbed a zucchini from the fridge and we were all lagging and went outside and then….. A raccoon jumped out of the garbage can and my friends brother and his friend screamed and started to cry and me and my two other friends started to laugh really hard. And then we watched movies ate popcorn and drank tea. ThE EnD

  5. I once had a sleepover with my friend, my first sleepover ever, we had so much fun. However, long story short, she woke up at 3:00 a.m. exactly, she was crying and could barely breathe, she texted and called her parents frantically as I watched just saying "please" and "help me" and the like. It freaked me out big time and now she doesn't even remember it happening.

    true story, I swear.

  6. well my friend and I were goin to bed at her house and I whispered “is someone awake” because I heard creaking and she was like “no but this happens every night and I’m waiting for someone to come in..” we were really young so that was kinda creepy

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  8. Here is one i was 11 years old my friend joey came over to stay .when it was 3am joey woke to a noise in the basement and he woke me up so i went with him.when we went to the base the basement the noise got louder then we found a black figure banging its head on the wall . when we turnd the light on the figure mumerd something and came after us when i got my bible and read pslams 91 it dissapreard